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  1. Changing Service Date

    My car was serviced by toyota last month, they reset the vehicle and engine oil dates but forgot the brake fluid. I know it's OCD but now my brake fluid says 05/2023 when the rest say 04/2023 Any way to change the month?
  2. A90 Edition Owners Thread

    toyota have been extremely piss poor on these cars
  3. Official PHANTOM MATTE GRAY Supra Club Thread

    If they use a touch up then wrap over it then it’s 100% going to lift more paint when the wrap is removed. toyota has a paint warranty just get it booked in and have the boot re-wrapped when it’s back. They can do every other part of the car. If Toyota don’t get the paint right then just keep...
  4. A90 Edition Owners Thread

    Fit those Amazon special wind buffeting things today. Work well up until about 80mph then it’s horrendous. What’s everyone else using
  5. Official PHANTOM MATTE GRAY Supra Club Thread

    No issues they just used 4 People to stretch it on
  6. Private / Custom Number Plates?

    This is now on eBay
  7. First Service

    I think the Idrive service changes depending on your driving. £375 for me was quoted as the minor service for just oil and filter lol. Very odd I’ll likely to oil change every year anyway as I leave my cars 6-7months Over the winter so probably best to change stagnant oil
  8. A90 Edition Owners Thread

    think that’s a good thing. You never know they may become as collectible as the m1 coupe etc
  9. Tuning in the UK

    You did Illiminate if i remember correctly?? their first map with the pops and bangs was nuts!
  10. Tuning in the UK

    Personally I would do 1200 then get evolve to do an oil change before the tune not going to hurt I went for my first spirited (well half spirited) drive today since being broken in. The car is alot quicker than I remember, the amount of low down torque is very good. Very effortless. I drove an...
  11. First Service

    Strange how the bottle looks different I was told by multiple techs to make sure it’s the black bottle specifically made for the supra
  12. Tuning in the UK

    im so tempted. What will you be doing about MOT etc, or does litchfield take care of it
  13. Tuning in the UK

    nice, looking forward to it. Did a map make a difference near the top end? I always felt that’s where it lacked
  14. Tuning in the UK

    Can i ask what the figures were, and how much it costed? did they use BM3 or Ecutek or different? Downpipe and OPF delete aswel?
  15. Tuning in the UK

    So who is tuned now then? Seeing more and more posts of UK owners tuning the supra. Just wondering what the feedback is
  16. First Service

    That seems awfully cheap, the oil and filter were £190 alone if using the correct oil.. thats with discount too Are you sure they used the right stuff?
  17. First Service

    crazy isn’t it! I havent been above 3500 revs or 100mph yet, so looking forward to slowly building that up as per book, but you can never go wrong with an oil change. I can kind of understand the 2 year thing but not on the first oil change.
  18. First Service

    will be changing mine on Saturday then! 6.5 litres isn’t it??
  19. First Service

    Either way I think it’s a good idea to do. One of the US blokes said his oil had metal filings in after 1200 miles. No way I’d want it in there for longer than that. Seems to be a lot of conflicting information. In my opinion yearly oil changes is never a bad thing
  20. First Service

    there's not really a run in service, but to keep the same oil that came out of the factory with for 2 years seems a bit odd to me