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  1. Pics & Vids of Supra with aftermarket wheels

    Enjoy. Love them wheels 😍
  2. Seibon Carbon Fiber Lip

    Still available?
  3. Winter storage procedures / Are you storing Supra for winter?

    Yep all stored and battery charger plugged in.
  4. BBS LMs on A90

    Do these come in 20 inches?
  5. Project TA90 V2 - Street Modified Time Attack Build

    Man I just watch your latest video and I love the carbon hood. You mind sharing the information where I can get a hold of one? I'm in Toronto Canada and I think they are in my area right?
  6. Winter storage procedures / Are you storing Supra for winter?

    Yes I'm putting in the STABIL brand.
  7. TPMS for the Supra

    The shop is still trying to figure it out but my Supra is already put away for the winter. So I will have to bring it to him next spring to have it sorted out. He said it probably needs reprogramming.
  8. C-West Japan Supra A90 Bodykit

    Now it looks like a shark. No thank you.
  9. JB4

    No trick at all. I just click on read code and then it pulls all the codes.
  10. JB4

    When you rev your engine does the rpm on the JB4 app go up?
  11. Catless Downpipe CEL

    Map 1 or 2
  12. Battery replacement on new LE 2020?

    Thanks but I'm still waiting on the replacement battery from the dealer. Along with the front emblem too.
  13. Nocturnal Halloween Photo shoot

    I liked the color photos better! Great shots!
  14. Downpipe w/JB4

    Yep I do. I have the bigdaddies one.
  15. Downpipe w/JB4

    Another CEL showed up today.
  16. Catless Downpipe CEL

    Got another CEL today.
  17. JB4

    More bad news. Another CEL came on.
  18. Catless Downpipe CEL