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  1. Houston Area Toyota Dealer Service

    Appreciate it :headbang: I got mine last October. Not sure how its now due to like you said "prices are bonkers". But it's worth the shot.
  2. Houston Area Toyota Dealer Service

    I will say Gullo Toyota in Conore offered me below MSRP for a 21. So far I have nothing but great things to say about them. Email them and see if they can do the same for you.
  3. Car excessively burning oil?

    Last week after seeing this thread, I decided to do a measurement oil test. With 2737 miles, the minimum oil warning came up so I went to dealership last Saturday to fill it up and was told to drop the car today for follow inspection which required me to leave it over night. During the whole...
  4. Anyone else keeping their Supra bone stock?

    Other than PPF and carbon fiber spoiler, everything is stock. I would like to change the steering wheel and fix the wind issue but that is it. The car has everything I need so I’m not really interested in doing anything else. But if you asked me when I was younger, I would be doing a heck lot more
  5. XPEL - Is this a good price? Too Good? Your misc thoughts on PPF?

    Yep definitely ignore the price and go with the best shop around town. Look at their website, facebook, instagram, etc and see if they have any history of doing the supra. $2.2k-$2.4k isn't that bad if they are doing the full hood, bumper fenders, mirrors. Mine cost me $2.8k for high impact...
  6. It’s official!!! New a91 owner here

    Welcome to refraction blue crew! Enjoy and prepare to get a lot and I mean a lot of attention lol
  7. Looking for Houston Area Members

    I'm in the Spring/Woodlands area. Got my A91 as well 3 months ago
  8. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Finally added the rexpeed v1 spoiler and I’m very happy with the results. Also went with 25% ceramic tint, Xpel PPF on the high impact area and ceramic coated the entire vehicle
  9. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Dang those wheels are sexy. Makes me wanna TRD out my A91 now
  10. Official REFRACTION Supra Club Thread

    Glad it worked out in the end for you! I curious about this as well. Hoping to get one of those two in the next few weeks
  11. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    After a couple of weeks waiting, my refraction blue A91 supra came in! It has been a blast to ride and every pull puts a smile on my face. After seeing the nocturnal black and this, I'm so glad I waited :headbang: Bucket list = checked
  12. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    Man that really sucks. Any word on what the dealership could do for you?
  13. Share your MY 2021 Deal!

    Here’s what toyota is offering for 2021
  14. What was your out the door price on your Supra?

    Funny enough I was looking at my Tundra purchase back in 2014. Man I was sure dumb to let them convince me to buy the add ons (windshield, tire/wheel protection, mechanical breakdown). Sure I only used the tire and wheel protection once but honestly i rather save all that money and bought me...
  15. What was your out the door price on your Supra?

    Curious to know what are you guys thought on Toyota's Protection Plan and other add ons. I bought my Tundra many years ago (first time buying a car) which I decided to get the tire/wheel protection and the windshield protection. This time around I planning to skip all of it together.
  16. Paint Protection Film or Coating or ?

    So I found a shop that will ppf entire hood, front bumper, both fenders, and mirror caps with Xpel for 2.8k. Is that reasonable? Just wanted to see your guys opinion
  17. A91 Question

    I think i watch your YouTube video (Not the one above of course) ;) How‘s the quality of the rexpeed? I remember one video mention some defects and the fit was almost perfect
  18. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    Man that’s hurt to see a car like that but at least your ok
  19. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    Actually I found one under msrp and I’m heading there right after work today. I think getting this car was meant to be lol
  20. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    That's what i figured as well. It looks like you are in H-town area as well. Which dealership do you know is offering MSRP? My family's been with Fred Haas for many years and I bought my Tundra and tC from them.