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  1. Sport Display with Tune

    Definitely need to dyno it for real power. After doing catless downpipe, intake, and stage 2 ots ecutek tune my max hp and tq according to the screen are 370/370 which I highly doubt is accurate.
  2. ZF upshift burps

    Let’s talk about that lovely sound the Supra makes when upshifting under certain conditions. Anyone here know exactly under what circumstances the exhaust will let out that aggressive upshift noise? My brother-in-laws GT AMG will let them out at just about any throttle position in any gear. With...
  3. Skipped Cold Start

    I can say this has occurred for me at least 2 separate times. Both times were after having owned the car for over a year and a half and having over 5000 miles. Also after being tuned on Ecutek. I can’t remember if it ever happened while stock, but I doubt it. Both times the car had been sitting...
  4. AMS Performance Stainless Steel Race Downpipe Opinions?

    I have it. I liked the gradual taper to eliminate bottlenecking. Sounds a bit louder on startup and you can hear the turbo while driving. The smell from having the windows down while stopped is a little overpowering but I don’t mind. Definitely get a new gasket before installing. Don’t reuse the...
  5. Catted vs. Uncatted Downpipe

    I can confirm you definitely hear the turbo with catless downpipe Ams catless
  6. This may be a silly question, but...

    Mine came in a clear plastic bag in the glove compartment. I did some searching on Ebay and came across a leather binder from a 2007 Highlander. $10 shipped.
  7. Ecu Tek ProECU User Share Thread

    I agree. Someone can easily screw up their tune or even worse, their ECU if they mess with the wrong coding. Fortunately the Ecutek website is very informative when it comes to adding and removing special features. Plus I have experience with coding and tuning from previous vehicles(Evoscan...
  8. Ecu Tek ProECU User Share Thread

    Anyone here mess with RRFFs (racerom feature files)? I have the Racerom patch on my rom but don’t have access to any special features within ProEcu
  9. Catless DP with disabled code

    Most likely yes you’ll pass. I can’t say absolutely with the Supra but I had a straight piped Evo with all readiness monitors set to “ready” through the tune and passed OBD inspection with no problem in NY. Same should apply with the right tune on the Supra.
  10. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Finally got around to installing an AMS catless downpipe in my A90 this weekend. Took a couple videos while it was still on the lift to check for leaks. Volume up for those sweet sounds:cool: Cold start Sport mode revs warm This is with Ecutek tune for stock dp
  11. Best overall air intake upgrade?

    Just installed AEM intake the other day. Installs easily and uses stock mounting locations. Replaces accordion style rubber hose also. Not too much difference in sound, very slight if any. Low profile so all strut braces clear the top
  12. Where to go for bench unlock in NYC area

    Looking to order an ecutek kit with ots tunes but don’t want to drive far or remove my ecu. Does anyone in 5 boroughs/new jersey area do a bench unlock? A90 with 7/19 production date
  13. Tune Options - Many to choose from, and been "out of the game" for a while.

    Does this include unlocking of ECU also or would that be separate? Looks like maybe an extra $250?
  14. Anybody else have this door tag

    My sticker went in the garbage the first time I washed the car back in October of 2019. I’m still alive
  15. Battery maintainer - closing the hood?

    You are very brave. Many people including myself would undoubtedly drive off with wires trailing behind the car
  16. Battery maintainer - closing the hood?

    If you lay the clips on the posts like this, you can close the hood slowly and leave it unlatched. Plus no wires on painted surfaces
  17. Any 2020 Owners regretting their purchase?

    Got my ‘20 back in 10/19 and love it more and more each day. Still stock performance-wise. Definitely the most fun car I’ve ever owned