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  1. Will it fit? 305 on stock 19x10?

    Thank you, I was looking for a race car style look. Where the tire sidewall ist straight up with the rim...
  2. A90 Supra MKV on the dyno

    I have to admit that this is really funny :rofl:
  3. Will it fit? 305 on stock 19x10?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if 305 tires will fit on the 10 inch wide stock rear rims. Anyone ever tried that on the Supra or another car?
  4. Toyota takes covers off Super GT-spec Supra

    Is there a way to watch super gt live online?
  5. Launch Edition, Wheels Part #

    Yeah exactly! It is idiotic to buy the same wheels in another colour when you can just coat them that way.
  6. Tire size for 20" wheels

    Don't save money on tires... that is just ridiculous.
  7. Tire size for 20" wheels

    Michelin is my tire of choice. Long living and loads of grip.
  8. Have a look at the Supra's bare chassis and drivetrain

    Thx for sharing. Can someone translate this?
  9. Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept Officially Revealed!

    A actual a90 wrapped in this livery would be pretty cool
  10. The Dumbest Thing Toyota Dealers Told You About The Supra.....

    :banghead::banghead::banghead: I found the first German dealer that can't close the hood properly for photos.
  11. The Dumbest Thing Toyota Dealers Told You About The Supra.....

    What the hell is wrong with those salespeople.... they should go and find some work at the hardware store and sell ppl hammers for blending food... I feel like all of them are liars and assholes. Do you guys confronted them with that bullshit they were talking? I'd love to know how they reacted.
  12. 2020 Supra Quirks

    My 2015 1series doesn't
  13. Might be some big news. A90 discussion

    What do you mean? I can't see anything on that screenshot except someone asking for gr floormats
  14. Orange MK5 Toyota Supra spotted on set of upcoming Fast & Furious 9

    Yeah, but a 25 speed manual for the f&f supra mkv
  15. Germany - Pricing for 2020 Supra

    Zeebrugge? Wtf, that's not the direct way from Austria :banghead:
  16. 94 Octane on Stock

    Maybe on stock cars. But not on tuned ones
  17. 94 Octane on Stock

    If you love you're cars always use fuel as good as possible. Ofcourse turbo and supercharged engines benefit more but for NA engines it is good too. In Germany we have 102 octane fuel from ARAL. It's more expensive but I don't buy any other.
  18. Germany - Pricing for 2020 Supra

    :puke: I'd buy some nice 18 or 19 inch aftermarket ones.
  19. Wife said it has to go, who wants a LE Supra

    Wtf.... I'd always choose the car. A wife and a kid can't go 4 seconds 0-60. If I would live in the USA I'd take it.
  20. A90 Toyota Supra vs G29 BMW Z4 Drag Race, Rolling Race & Brake Test

    I think the supra does very well against the much much more expensive Caymam GTS in acceleration and braking. And it crushes the Audi ttrs.