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  1. A90 Edition Owners Thread

    When we got our Aygo, got the bamboo box and the teddy bear thing :)
  2. Anyone had anything from Toyota?

    Toyota have really messed up this launch spectacularly.
  3. A90 Edition already for sale £64995

    How much were they new?
  4. A90 Edition Owners Thread

    Aston is nothing short of incredible! The noise etc at 20mph just makes you smile. Think I would get less looks if I were to drive a bright pink fire-engine :) MPG is er….. not high, but I didn't buy it for MPG - got my Aygo for that!
  5. A90 Edition Owners Thread

    Try ALA ... Use the code MSE25 ... They are very well regarded and the code is from money saving expert guy :)
  6. Launch Edition - Long Term Demand?

    Toyota already said they going to bring out a higher performance version . That's going to really knock values
  7. Giving up my slot - anyone want it?

    Sod handbrake turns - have you any idea how many times ive been back to the car to check the handbrake is on! That position is when it sits both on and off!!
  8. UK - Pricing and Availability Details

    I was told at Thruxton that the GFV would be circa £35k - which showed some confidence in the car. When I ran the numbers they were closer to £29k - that's a hefty difference when looking at financing it. Was working out at £5k down and over £700 a month - which I personally couldn't justify.
  9. UK - Pricing and Availability Details

    I think that Toyota UK have messed up the pricing and lots are pulling out. They are being listed on autotrader at retail price and even the A90 edition people are cancelling on. Part of it has been due to how poor Toyota have been in communication to prospective buyers, which is part of the...
  10. Giving up my slot - anyone want it?

    It's a V8 Vantage S Fully loaded with all sorts of toys, 430bhp I believe. It's not lightning quick, but the noise is insane. Lots of carbon everywhere too.
  11. Giving up my slot - anyone want it?

    This is what I bought instead :)
  12. Anyone had anything from Toyota?

    Starting to appear on autotrader at list price of anyone is looking for one asap.
  13. Anyone had anything from Toyota?

    Will grab a couple on Monday when I fly up to Edinburgh from London to see it in the metal for the first time, and drive it home 500 miles :)
  14. Anyone had anything from Toyota?

    Though I've cancelled my car, my local centre are still trying to sell me one even though I've told them I've bought something else! Car will be there for Sept 1st, so might pop along and see it at least, though I collect my Vantage on Monday :)
  15. Anyone had anything from Toyota?

    Wouldn't waste your money on supaguard - you can buy it on eBay for about £50! Get proper G techniq ceramic coat to protect the car. For Gap, goto ALA and use the code MSE25. They are the best in the business for Gap and that code gives you 25% off.
  16. Giving up my slot - anyone want it?

    Liked the car, but £5k down and £700 a month - really isn't worth that.
  17. Giving up my slot - anyone want it?

    All done .. deposit being returned!
  18. Giving up my slot - anyone want it?

    Ive no idea when mine is coming! Toyota have been pretty silent!!
  19. Giving up my slot - anyone want it?

    Decided after a lot of thought that i cant justify the cost of the supra esp as ive just been offered an Aston Martin Vantage S for less £ - though yes a 2nd hand car! Also the process has been shocking and ive no idea when the car will arrive. So going to call Toyota and cancel my spot, but...
  20. Private / Custom Number Plates?

    Have an old plate I always use - though want to get a non dating plate when I see the one I want come up for auction.