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  1. Any 2020 Owners regretting their purchase?

    None here. Downpipe and tuned 2020 on E30 made 471/553 dynojet. Factory unlocked ECU. 20 spools a stock turbine housing slightly quicker. HKS hipermax hybrid kit was designed for the 20 not the 21. Besides a 20 can run a 6 port head if you so desire and then have 11:1 compression.
  2. Does the 2020 Supra have midpipes?

    Theres a kooks midpipe delete kit
  3. 2021 Toyota Supra 3.0 Dyno Results

    Everything I've heard from tuners says the engines are identical when tuned. The advantage is thought to be had after 750+whp but it's only theory at this point
  4. 2021 Toyota Supra 3.0 Dyno Results

    The 21 and newest/updated 20's are requiring a $500 bench unlock to be flash tuned also.
  5. 2021 Toyota Supra 3.0 Dyno Results

    Part numbers are different yes but due to manifold changes. The actual turbo wheel sizes have been verified to be the same. The 20 is tuned with more boost taper and less overall boost period. Remember this turbo falls out of efficiency at 22-23 psi so more boost becomes inefficient.
  6. 21B055/21B056 codes

    Thanks all is normal it's an mhd thing
  7. 21B055/21B056 codes

    21B056 - radiator lower valve coms fault 21B055 - radiator upper valve coms fault. What does this mean and how do I fix it lol
  8. Crankcase breather hose. Help me identify.

    Well I've got a breather on it and havent any issues. It is only pulling a vacuum. This is a temporary setup for now
  9. Crankcase breather hose. Help me identify.

    What do ya think about putting a breather on this?
  10. Crankcase breather hose. Help me identify.

    This sits on the side of the intake hose correct. #2 in the picture. It bolts to the side of the block. What is in that part that bolts to the side of the block?
  11. Crankcase breather hose. Help me identify.

    I'm trying to figure out what this hose is or does. It appears to be vacuum only. It is #2 in the diagram and connected from the intake pipe to the side of the block. BMW has a valve that opens when under boost only to return crankcase pressure back to intake at least on the n55
  12. MST Intake wow

    What did it make on e85 dyno?
  13. MST Performance intake for new Supra

    Kies motorsports and ecs tuning will carry these soon
  14. Methanol vs. Heat Exchanger? Anyone done either? Charge temps?

    In high boost where the smaller turbo tends to fall out of efficiency water/meth will help control the intake temps. I advise against running anything but 50/50 meth/water due to preignition issues. But have only ran 1 water/method setup.
  15. R1 concept ceramic pads

    The wear sensor is on the drivers side only. I removed mine from the calipers and just tied it up with zip ties. I don't wanna buy an expensive sensor. And I've read they can melt/break.
  16. R1 concept ceramic pads

    Brembo pads why are you so messy
  17. R1 concept ceramic pads

    You get yours on yet. I'm about to go start on mine