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  1. I’d like some help on finding a good radar detector

    Uniden r7 is the best I've used. And I've used all of them
  2. Members from Ohio, please come in!

    If yall see a 20 turbulence in the Cleveland Ohio area that was just purchased from airport infiniti let me know I have the spare key and ecutek!!! Thanks
  3. Help me identify this part number

    its its a premium model with sensors.... 52108-WAA02 52159-WAA06
  4. Sold

    Sold sold sold
  5. Boost Logic Exhaust Fitment Problems.

    And the factory part is backordered not discontinued. U can still order it its just backordered. About a month out
  6. Boost Logic Exhaust Fitment Problems.

    Has it? I ordered one for this issue too. different axle back came loose lol.. its just backordered. I won't get it till November. Message me on my insta to remind me to look into it in the a.m. I work at a toyota dealer. @xpottedx and we have a sold separately sensor mount kit that sticks to...
  7. Clicking/Ticking noise coming from driver side.

    I had a ticking noise while driving turned out to be a big ass screw in the tire.
  8. Aftermarket parts Directory

    comes with a plate for each side just for the front bolts
  9. What did you do to your Supra today?

    295 30 for now its what I had on the stockers. Was gonna buy new tires but figured id wait
  10. What did you do to your Supra today?

    One more picture:) my co workers matte 911 hiding in the back lol
  11. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Finally installed my wheels! thanks titan. Need to install my apr wing and splitter still. Those big ass boxes have been sitting in my kitchen for months lol
  12. San Antonio Supra

    Didn't just split up? Also they don't tune gr supra last I checked. They did a good job on the sti tune years ago
  13. Any interest in a Twisted Sisters drive?

    I'm down for the 27th
  14. San Antonio Supra

    I'm down once this rain stops
  15. First time down the strip!!

    My buddy here ran 11.3 with a e50 tune on an otherwise stock car
  16. First time down the strip!!

    ecutek. Yea 117 118 is norm with 93oct 120+ u would need e blend .