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  1. Supra 2.0 performance mods. B48 Engine

    I had my JB4 on the second week. Then another week of lots of datalogging and adjustments with the direct guidance from Terry at BMS. As mentioned before, this is my third time using their piggyback system and I have never had a single issue with their platform or maps. You'll be a little...
  2. Finally got my new wheels and tires in | Blue against Absolute Zero White!

    Thanks! I love black wheels too, but had to do something special for the Supra ;b
  3. Supra 2.0 performance mods. B48 Engine

    JB4 all the way! I ran this on my Golf R and Type-R with zero issues and seriously impressive gains. This piggyback ECU system alone will give you that desired 0-60 time (several reviewers on normal back roads have accomplished 4.5 seconds to sixty stock). I'm on a customized version of Map 5...
  4. Finally got my new wheels and tires in | Blue against Absolute Zero White!

    It took a while to get these in but it was so worth it! Gram Lights 57DR in Sputter Blue (19x9.5 and 19x10.5, both 22 offset). 255/40/19 and 275/40/19, Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tires.
  5. What Wheel Color on Absolute White Supra?

    Just got these on last week! I'm a sucker for blue against white and these are without a doubt my absolute favorite =) Gram Lights 57DR in Sputter Blue. 255/40/19 up front, 275/40/19 rear. Wrapped in Firestone Firehawk Indy 500's. I have never been stopped by so many people for pictures...
  6. Low Supra Inventory: There's a Shortage of Four-Cylinder Toyota Supras

    Glad I got our 2.0 last month! Absolutely love it ;b With it tuned to target 22 psi (should be around 300whp) and the blue Gram Lights that are going on tomorrow, it's almost near perfect for me alongside the carbon fiber goodies already on ;b
  7. Supra Limp Mode/Locked Out of Car

    Had to have mine replaced. It was drained from sitting in the showroom and not properly turned off (hold down the radio button for 2 seconds to shut the screen off and then lock the car, which shuts down everything completely). The dealership will have to test it first, which takes 1-2 hours...
  8. Official ABSOLUTE ZERO WHITE Supra Club Thread

    Looking good! Like that MKIV style wing and sweet wheels ;b I have some Gram Lights 57DRs on order as we speak!
  9. Official ABSOLUTE ZERO WHITE Supra Club Thread

    Here are some shots of my Absolute Zero White Supra. Had it a couple weeks now and LOVE IT.
  10. Which spoiler to get

    Oh, my apologies! New to the platform and parts here. Let me correct myself, I'm very happy with my Rexspeed V1 in high gloss =) Definitely plan on adding carbon fiber to the other areas of the MKV, where exterior black plastic inserts are present.
  11. Which spoiler to get

    Both look great IMO, but I went with the first style myself (A91 replica with high gloss finish) and love it against the white.
  12. SupraMKV2.0 Build Thread

    Nice setup! I put on the same style, high gloss carbon fiber wing on yesterday and after a week of data logging, I also got my JB4 tune dialed in thanks to Terry and Ando at Burger Motorsports...she rips ;b They are estimating around 300WHP, on a customized version of Map 5 running 93 octane...
  13. 2021 Toyota Supra 2.0 Dyno Results

    I was told the same from Burger Motorsports. Basically the same block, missing those 2 additional cylinders. Both are closed deck design as well, making each very strong. Forged internals as well on the B48, minus the pistons. Some people will obviously use too much boost, run a...
  14. 2021 Toyota Supra 2.0 Dyno Results

    I've never had a single issue with using Burger Motorsports and their piggyback systems on any of my rides. These systems have a mountain of safety nets built-in to the tuning module, as well as allowing the factory ECU to take over the reigns if parameters are breached that the engine doesn't...
  15. 2021 Toyota Supra 2.0 Dyno Results

    That definitely seems more realistic. Being able to hit 60 in the mid 4 second with a good launch tells a lot right off the bat. I just got the JB4 Tuner installed on Monday and have been working with Burger Motorsports all week on customizing the tune and getting it perfectly dialed in. We...