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  1. When will you do your first oil change?

    Yes, you are partly correct, the US created the Tier 3 program which considers the vehicle and its fuel as an integrated system to reduce the impacts of motor vehicles on air quality and public health. The program set new vehicle emissions standards and lowered the sulfur content of gasoline to...
  2. When will you do your first oil change?

    I would ask myself, what is likely to go wrong and point back at the oil being the leading cause, I can't think of anything off the top of my head, therefore I would believe the odds are unlikely for any warranty claims to be voided because you used an oil that provides greater protection. BMW...
  3. When will you do your first oil change?

    Normal Oil Consumption for the B-series turbo engines (B46, B58) is 1 liter per 1,500 miles. Source:
  4. Supra vs BMW M3 Competition

    The new 2021 M3 Competition gets the ZF8 transmission. Also, a replacement bumper is already in the works.
  5. 2020 GR Supra 3.0 Premium + $10,000 in upgrades for sale

    See my listing in Autotrader I posted yesterday for pictures. $54,000 OBO VIN WZ1DB4C01LW028357 2020 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Premium edition, which means you get every option available. $10,000 in upgrades are...
  6. 2020 Supra Firesale?

    I listed mine on Autotrader yesterday. With the growing family I need another reliable 4 door vehicle since our Subaru Forester is getting older. The price is negotiable just like almost every GR Supra for sale. Mine is a 3.0 Premium edition, which means you get every option available, and...
  7. Salvage Supra Registry

    I'd love to get one for the engine and trans/drivetrain and put it in the 2021 Lexus IS300 or 350, whichever chassis could handle it better, probably the 350.
  8. Pics & Vids of Supra with aftermarket wheels

    Looks amazing! Did you stick with the same width and offset as stock?
  9. Black Exhaust Tip /w Plastidip - DIY.

    Wow, I stand corrected, the pewter looks so good. Do you have an IG account I can follow to get some more of the pewter goodness?
  10. REXPEED: 2020 Supra V1 Carbon Fiber / Forged Carbon Side Door Garnish is Now AVAILABLE!

    I second this! Would like a cheaper fiber glass piece ready to accept paint, or if you would just have a color matched version ready to buy that would be great.
  11. Black Exhaust Tip /w Plastidip - DIY.

    The phantom Supra looks so good.
  12. Supra steering wheel...

    I'm considering starting up my own small steering wheel business, specifically for the GR Supra. The wheels will be $1000 each, you can choose your stitching color, and have the option of perforated or non-perf leather, simple and nothing more. I will not need your core, but you will need to...
  13. Oil change already?

    After you check the oil level like Ultimateone mentions, another option you have is to just reset the clock for the oil change frequency, using the instruction described here . I personally would use this reminder as...
  14. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    I think most everyone just voted for what they bought, and has no reflection on what is the best. I still think the MagnaFlow XMOD Series Exhaust System is the best value, not cheap, robust build for $2500. The tips are carbon fiber, and I'm running no cats, no melting.
  15. Toyota GR Super Sport Concept

    Definitely looks like a car that I could never afford, but always dream of having someday.
  16. Wouldnt Rev after starting

    Hmm, well I hate to hear that. I'm at 5.5k miles 2020, no issues so far. I hope you two find a route cause. I hope this issue isn't pervasive, and I'm certain Toyota/BMW does too.
  17. Wouldnt Rev after starting

    What's the common thread... Is yours a 2021 as well?
  18. Rear end wiggle?

    I don't notice a difference in ride quality, and I believe Eibach is the lowest ride height choice in the spring line up currently, or at least last time I checked. I've had cars on coilovers, and although spings lack the adjustability, from my experience springs maintain ride quality closer to...