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  1. A90 Supra MKV on the dyno

    That explains the high MPG rating lol. I guess that's a good thing meaning it has a high tolerance to knock/detonation. Running it rich at 11-12 AFR should allow for a lot more boost and timing.
  2. A90 Supra MKV on the dyno

    Can't see the AFR axis. However I think you're the second +400tq stock MKV.
  3. Do NOT buy a Supra right now

    Probably a ZF8HP with close ratio gears or a shorter final drive. Something similar to what happened to the BRZ/86 mid-cycle.
  4. New Supras are starting to roll into Toyota Dealers

    Loved that video. I was on the fence between an A90 and the LC500 but it pushed me over. Too bad I had to buy a '19 Land Cruiser two months ago for the family. I'll be getting the Supra over the LC500 for sure in the next few years.
  5. A90 Supra MKV on the dyno

    Even though the drop in AFR looks dramatic in your graph it's not that big of a change. However it does correspond to when the ECU reaches peak boost or some kind of power limiter and it clearly shows the car has more in it than it's allowing. I hope it's a calibration issue on that dynos...
  6. A90 Supra MKV on the dyno

    Then we can roll that as a fluke :dunno: Was the wideband hooked up on your car? 15-14:1 is way too lean for the amount of boost it's pushing even if it was direct injection.
  7. Wind Noise & Buffeting Fixes

    Not sure if this is related but Toyota added these on the +2014 Tundra/Sequoia for some reason. Might be related to this issue. 2007-2013 2014-2020
  8. A90 Supra MKV on the dyno

    Sorry, but I'll take the word of mainline. Different gears do give different torque readings unless the dyno is setup to correct them. There is a shop in my area that is known to make insane numbers of torque because he does 2nd gear pulls to inflate the numbers. You could also simply change the...
  9. A90 Supra MKV on the dyno

    The high torque is due to it being in 5th (1.3:1) gear not 6th (1.0:1). A simple rough calculation converting the ratios would give about 330lb.ft of torque. Regarding the torque converter locking up, look up torque converter torque multiplication. Basically when a converter is unlocked it acts...
  10. Petition To Toyota For Manual Transmission.

    Saw this on reddit the other day.
  11. Aftermarket Supra -Exhaust

    Our Land Cruisers are 30hp less than US Land Cruisers. I doubt they would bother giving us the higher spec engine due to the additional stress from the heat.
  12. The Dumbest Thing Toyota Dealers Told You About The Supra.....

    I posted this a few months ago after I called my dealership here in Abu Dhabi. "Toyota doesn't make the Supra anymore but you could get it's replacement, the 86."
  13. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    I get messing around with traction settings for launch. But for roll racing you either leave it in D and floor it or let it hang in a specific gear and upshift just before the rev limiter. It's not rocket science. Skipping gears and launching late is just bad driving. Anyway, from all the...
  14. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    The dude in the white supra doesn't know what he's doing. His reaction is off by almost a second and he over shifted at least once.
  15. A90 Supra 1/4 Mile Times

    The weather in Florida this time of year is really not ideal for 1/4 mile drag racing. DA was definitely above 1500ft with the humidity and heat. It could easily shave off a couple of tenths if this was done in winter which would also explain the relatively low numbers on the dyno pulls from...
  16. BMW will charge for CarPlay

    It's really not that hard to implement the other once one is done. Almost all headunits except for the first few Pioneer Appradios support both Carplay and AA. The most recent ones support Android Auto Wireless too. Not making one available really hurts a manufacturer's sales considerably in my...
  17. How much do you pay for car insurance?

    Maybe just from a price point of view. The closest other Toyota vehicle to about 55K is the Tundra and Sequoia.
  18. Will the red interior be carried over to the 2021 models? / Red interior from other markets

    My best guess is it's what the dealer ordered. Not sure how it works exactly over there, but here every dealership custom orders their cars from Toyota. For example the Land Cruiser in one dealership doesn't have any decals and only comes with the spare tire below. Another dealer a few hours...
  19. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    Toyota always plays it safe. Even if the Supra flops, I doubt they would be losing any money as they haven't really invested much in it. I would even say BMW would be the bigger loser in that scenario. I come from the Tundra world, and they pump out exactly the amount of trucks they sell with a...
  20. SupraMKV's members First Impressions of The New Supra

    I'd do wheels and a front lip, maybe a black top on a white one but that's pretty much everything exterior wise. Probably de-badge the spelled out Toyota too.