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  1. E85 Tune (522WHP & 630WTQ)

    alex from mission performance told me with pure 800 turbo, we start to run out of fuel when running on full e85. need to upgrade HPFP or supplement with port injection and or meth. on the stock turbo, the turbo maxes out with e40ish blend, so there's no need for full e85 yet on stock turbo setup
  2. MKV Supra vs BMW M2 Competition

    Somewhere around 1500kg. They’re both almost the same weight
  3. 27 lbs of boost?!

    I’m also about to install the pure800. Curious what tune you’re running on?
  4. Who else experienced this?

    Who’s your tuner?
  5. Transmission Went Nuts

    Hmm, i used a company called Mission Performance in California. They flashed my DME using a software called mFlasher. The car was required to be on and running to do the flash. You should call Alex and talk to him, I'm sure he can help you troubleshoot.
  6. Transmission Went Nuts

    What are you tuned with?
  7. Who else experienced this?

    I worked with Alex from mission performance in California. He has worked on the bmw b58 for some time now and was the one that tuned the Heritage edition TRD Supra. Car is running excellent on 93 with a couple gallons of e85. It’s been over a month no CEL or funky issues yet.
  8. Mission Tuning
  9. Mission Tuning

    Anyone try Mission Performance tunes yet? I heard that they tuned the TRD SUPRA for Toyota USA.