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  1. HPDE and hot weather

    Simple thing to help some is pulling the engine cover off.
  2. Brake Pad Discussion - Don't take R1 Ceramic to track day!

    Counterspace Garage has multiple pads to match for specific applications. I've been running C2/C11 for track with 100-200 TW tires (very dusty, slight noise but still do run daily at times). These blow away stock pads. Daily (no dust) Powerstop z26.
  3. Looking for Houston Area Members

    West side here, whatsapp & facebook groups.
  4. Charge pipes before tune

    Aftermarket only caused me issues, went back to stock and 0 issues even on road course with E50 tune.
  5. Car excessively burning oil?

    Doing first oil change to put whatever kind you want in would by another option as well.
  6. Is there a way to deactivate the 37F temp alert?

    Maybe with BimmerCode? This was just in a random BMW forum but might help lead to the right place for those that use the app more. In the 3000 Anzeige_Konfiguration section (Bimmercode: expert mode), under CC_Temperaturwarnung, change from "Nicht_Aktiv" to "Aktiv".
  7. Best Intake system paired with FTP charge pipe?

    Would recommend spending money anywhere else first unless you need the charge pipe for meth or want looks. You won't gain any power and more likely for the charge pipe to keep blowing off.
  8. Car excessively burning oil?

    Car does drink oil but shouldn't come on that soon.
  9. Track Day: Front rotors grooved

    Seems like stock pads haven't been good for rotors on track. Rotors should last quite a while if pads and fluid are done asap.
  10. Ecutek Tuner Comparisons

    Message Zach Tucker @ Coutnerspace Garage great customer service and been running great for me 10.71 @ 128 with E50 and downpipe full weight. Located in California but nothing wrong with email tunes these days.
  11. Rear Brake Pads - Ceramic

    Where are you buying these from, Rockauto was the only place I could find any they say out of stock? Looking for the rear Z26-2220.
  12. Mickey Thompson et street ss 285/35/19

    What 60' are people on H&R springs able to get? (and what tire)
  13. Charge pipes

    Where the worm clamps hold the 2 pieces together. I had multiple leaks from the larger and smaller clamps. Switched to T-bolts and they were also backing off after only a couple days.
  14. Charge pipes

    Correct. Unfortunately some people will do the install, log for tuner and everything look great. If you don't continually do logs you may not notice when it starts leaking because it would happen over time from the worm clamps/T bolt clamps coming loose. I'll be watching others and it's good to...
  15. Charge pipes

    My Forge kept leaking and popping off, after a long process I finally got a refund (still out install and shipping money). I went back to stock with no issues. I'm on E40 and run road course as well. I've had a handful of people message me about the Forge and FTP leaking and every person has...
  16. CSF Radiators - Upgraded Heat Exchanger for 2020+ MKV Supra

    These results are a bit disappointing for track application. Is it possible AMS's will be any better? What other options are there to keep temps down other than meth?
  17. Best Track Times Registry

    1) MSR Houston CCW 2) 1:47.97 3) 2/6/20 4) 93 tune, CSG pads, H&R springs 5) Stock tires
  18. Methanol vs. Heat Exchanger? Anyone done either? Charge temps?

    What was the answer or which facebook group was it posted in? Also looking at meth vs one of the exchangers about to come out.
  19. Black MKV from Qatar Track/Street

    Thanks, I've got the H&R springs and will be looking to add more camber for tracking once they open back up. It looks like the SPL arms with caster bushings are the best/only option for camber. I noticed some coilovers come with top hats and might offer some camber adjustment (not sure), but...
  20. Black MKV from Qatar Track/Street

    What's the reason for going with the SPL parts and springs instead of coilovers? Trying to figure out what the benefits of each are. Thanks!