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  1. Installed Eibach Z4 3.0 lower springs .8” drop

    This picture is of the car on the EU Z4 springs? Looks great!
  2. Swift Springs for Supra, Pictures Needed

    Wow man your car looks great. What are the tire specs you're rocking on the Toyo's? Also, how do you like the springs, the ride height, and the ride quality after install?
  3. Anyone mess around with 60-130 times?

    Damn! That's moving! I'm hoping my E50 tune from MHD can get close to this, that would be literally 2 entire seconds faster than my best 60-130 on their current 93 octane OTS map.
  4. Anyone mess around with 60-130 times?

    Ohh wow nice! I'm about to be making the switch to an OTS E50 map through MHD and then after some time of playing around with it I will be dialing in a custom E50 map. This gives me something to look forward to. Your 40-100 times are .3 seconds faster than mine but the crazy thing is that you're...
  5. !HELP! BM3 E30 OTS Issues, No boost!

    Also, have you tried datalogging and purposely getting this to occur while logging? Perhaps you could capture this through the MHD datalogging software and send it to MHD for them review it and see if it has anything to do with the E30 map or perhaps something else. Whats the mileage on your...
  6. !HELP! BM3 E30 OTS Issues, No boost!

    I'm wondering if you still aren't at the correct Ethanol blend for your tune and the car is going into a form of limp mode via the BM3 tune. As for mixing the Ethanol, if you don't plan on running a full fledged flex fuel capable tune, I would advise getting the Fuel-It Ethanol Analyzer. It's a...
  7. [FS][GA] OEM Wheels; Clean! No Repairs Needed

    PM'ed you!
  8. MHD Tune - Any reviews?

    I mean logically this makes since and I hope this is correct. That would mean I can skip E30 and go straight to E50 and have no worries.
  9. MHD Tune - Any reviews?

    So if I'm reading this correctly then perhaps the reason mine says O1 is because MHD knows it's a 2021 and the 6 port design, and if so that's nice, but why is there not an E30 option like there is for the M1? Now I'm wondering if every 2021 owner who's using MHD also has the O1 maps avaliable...
  10. MHD Tune - Any reviews?

    Wth is wrong with my MHD?
  11. MHD Tune - Any reviews?

    Just out of curiosity, can I get any of you guys with MHD to do me a big favor and open your MHD F+G App, got to Flash an OTS Map, and see if you still have access to the E30 map. For some reason my F+G App no longer has access to the E30 tune and shows an E50 OTS map instead. I have the B58...
  12. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Finally got around to using Bimmercode to make some changes. I coded the car to turn the start/stop function off permanently unless I press the button, coded it to where it will always start in Sport Individual mode, and then I coded the Sport Plus Engine and Transmission options into the car...
  13. Anyone mess around with 60-130 times?

    Yea not that bad. I was doing some digging and apparently stock GTR's run a 60-130 in about 10.8 seconds, so a simple downpipe and tune Supra is close to .5 seconds faster than a car that almost costs 2-3x as much. I'm excited to get my Fuel-it Ethanol analyzer kit in so that I can get an E50...
  14. Anyone mess around with 60-130 times?

    Ok ok, I was remembering runs incorrectly. The 4.xx second runs were 60-100. I had some time today to mess around with the Dragy and got some incredibly consistant 40-100's and some very consistant 60-130's. All in all doesn't seem that bad for an OTS map, however, I think it's about time to...
  15. RexSpeed CF Mirror Covers

    Great buy for $155, even if they have slight imperfections. Why do they need 3m Tape? Do they not have the locking tabs and install like all the rest of the mirror caps?
  16. Dealer Bricked My ECU

    Well this is the part I'm not liking. I'm tuned on MHD and currently working on the steps necessary to get a custom E50 tune. So for now I'm just going to have to use the OTS maps and I will just have to wait until MHD updates their calibration to so that I can get this recall done.
  17. Dealer Bricked My ECU

    Well that's great to know, I had no idea anyone had the knowledge on how to recover a bricked ECU, I figured Toyota/BMW would just issue a new one.
  18. supra 2020 stage 2 vs other sports cars?

    Was it from a dig or a roll and when did you guys let off? My buddy has a 2021 zx6r 636 and keeps talking about racing my car lol. I'm on the MHD OTS Stage 2 tune on 93 pump though.
  19. Anyone mess around with 60-130 times?

    I stupidly cleared all of them last night because I noticed there were a ton of runs that were recorded that just had me scratching my head, like for example, a 0-100 that was listed as 300+ seconds because I had no intentions on actually doing a 0-100 yet it recorded it anyways lol. I will get...
  20. Throttle hesitation

    I've never experienced this issue exactly as it's being described, I can punch the car as hard as I want from a dead stop and what I feel is instant throttle response and then an immediate intervention from the TCS system that says "Whoa bud, calm down" . I do have slight hiccups when going WOT...