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  1. Verus engineering wind buffering, a91 carbon spoiler

    Does the spoiler mount only using the 3m tape or does it require to be bolted to the rear trunk lid like the factory spoiler?
  2. Stud kit

    I believe so. The important thing is to make sure the thread on the hub side matches, which is 14x1.25. The thread on the wheel side just gives you more lug options as well as a coarser thread, which could potentially reduce cross threading
  3. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Congrats! They probably had no idea of the reference :P
  4. TE37 in A90 fitment

    This looks so clean! What wheel/tire specs and suspension are you running? Is this blast bronze?
  5. WTB: Launch Edition / A91 Wheels and Tires

    Have you considered getting your factory wheels powder coated? Would probably be cheaper than buying a set of factory blk wheels.
  6. Anyone have any insight to June Incentives?

    Is that 30k backlog across all plants worldwide for various models or specific to a single plant and model?
  7. Anyone have any insight to June Incentives?

    I'm curious to this as well... Yesterday in the press release, they mentioned they will be hitting dealer lots fall of this year, but given the current situation with shortages and production backlogs, that doesn't look too likely.
  8. Toyota Launches Exclusive GR Supra A91-CF Edition for 2022

    That's a teaser for 2023 😋
  9. Toyota Launches Exclusive GR Supra A91-CF Edition for 2022

    I'm not seeing them anywhere either. Most likely interior shots will be available after the official press release at 9AM CDT, assuming they discuss the GR Supra at time. Very curious to see the alcantara interior with red stitching.
  10. Toyota Launches Exclusive GR Supra A91-CF Edition for 2022

    Here's the official announcement from Toyota regarding the A91 CF:
  11. 2021 GR Supra Premium 3.0. White. 2100 miles

    I noticed you have the charge pipe and intake. Is the ECU unlocked/tuned or still factory? I'm assuming the ECU is unlockable since the car was probably a pre 06/20 build since it was purchased in July, but would you please confirm? Thanks in advance!
  12. High turnover on MKV Supras?

    Fair point, I was only searching within a 200 mile radius, and at that point, its about 50% of all listed were used. All fair points though. Chris's (@VA90) post seems to summarize everyone's feedback very well. I guess I had always looked at it from my own perspective. I personally make...
  13. High turnover on MKV Supras?

    I have considered it, but if I was to turbocharge it, I'd want to do it properly. I know with low boost and ~300hp, it should be ok, but the rods are a weak point on the FA20 motors, and I'd want to upgrade the internals before going that route for reliability purposes. Also, I just love the...
  14. Anyone else waiting for the 2022 announcement before they pull the trigger?

    Hopefully we'll find out some news regarding the 2022 Supra Wednesday next week, 6/2
  15. High turnover on MKV Supras?

    Practicality isn't really my concern :p We have another fun, yet practical vehicle for family duty (TRD Pro 4R). This car would just be for fun "daily" duty. The ACR (while a blast to drive) fell into the PITA category which @suicidaleggroll mentioned - stiff, poor gas mileage, horrible in...
  16. High turnover on MKV Supras?

    @gcmak, thank you for the very extensive and honest feedback. I've heard that they are very different cars too. I was considering selling the BRZ if I bought the Supra, but now I'm not too sure the Supra would give me the same enjoyment that the BRZ does. I do love the feel and responsiveness of...
  17. From Dodge Viper to Supra Thoughts

    Thank you all for posting your feedback regarding your experience with the Viper vs the Supra. I actually just sold my 2009 ACR to take advantage of this crazy market, and have been considering a Supra since they were released. My only hesitation has been the lack of a m/t since all of my past...
  18. High turnover on MKV Supras?

    I agree 100%! I even told one Toyota salesman that I don't care what car it is, at the end of the day you forget that we're still standing in a Toyota dealership! I can understand you are trying to limit the "tirekickers" just looking for a joyride, but you should be able to evaluate the...
  19. High turnover on MKV Supras?

    Thanks everyone for your responses! I definitely agree it's a sellers market right now. I recently sold my toy (2009 Viper ACR) to take advantage of the market too, so I can understand that POV. I saw another post here a few days back where another supra owner (@whozaka) was comparing his...
  20. High turnover on MKV Supras?

    Hi all, I've been a long time lurker on this forum and have been considering purchasing a MKV Supra. However, I've noticed that there are a lot of these cars on the used car market with people selling them less than a year after initial purchase, and sometimes even before the break in period...