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  1. Top Gear Tests: Supra vs Z4, Cayman GTS, Alpine A110, M2

    Just read the Chris Harris review and honestly he nailed the issues with it
  2. Supra Test Drive Event - Thruxton

    I think it’ll be a fun day out but won’t change my mind on the car
  3. 2020 Supra (A90) Reviews Compilation!

    I personally don’t like Doug’s style of review but I do feel like a lot of his points were justified. Why make all these “design choices” for the aftermarket? Why not just include them, they would still be tunable parts anyway... I know this is predominately an American site but everywhere else...
  4. 2020 Supra (A90) Reviews Compilation!

    Sorry but we’ve reached peak delusion. The vents don’t physically go anywhere. You would have to do heavy modification to make them functional which differs from any other car, how? After driving this im firmly in the disappointed camp. The car is a reshell of BMWs platform. Minus body roll...
  5. Undisguised 2020 Toyota Supra Spotted at Nürburgring / Wreck on Page 2

    Still no officially time released. Surprise surprise they can’t get the 7:40? How much can you dissapoint in a car...
  6. Email from Toyota about test drives: Have your say survey / UK Test Drive Event Announced

    Pretty sure this is U.K. only currently. Got my email through, once I’ve done this drive I’ll be getting my refund
  7. UK - Pricing and Availability Details

    I’m in the same boat. I’m probably going to get a refund too. Much more interested in my mkiv now. if I wanted a M140i engine then I’d have saved a lot of money and got one of those.
  8. Daigo Saito reveals his new 2JZ powered A90 Supra drift car

    No one would even be considering the 2JZ swap if the B58 was a proven reliable engine at high power. The biggest step backwards is the B58 :dunno:
  9. UK - Pricing and Availability Details

    Yea that’s the only reason I’ve still got mine. Not interested in owning this car at all now.
  10. Official 2020 JDM Toyota Supra, Press Release, Images & Videos

    We can’t all live in ignorance
  11. GR SUPRA GT4 Concept Revealed! [Updated with Geneva Show photos]

    If that is the GRMN then it’s a huge disappointment. What happened to the wider arches of the racing concept? Like TRD used to do...
  12. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    Jesus, your mkiv hate bias is showing. Honestly the A90 community is as hateful as they claim everyone else is.
  13. Company reveal 2JZ engine conversion kit for new Toyota Supra

    What parts are French on the GTR? I’ll wait.
  14. Company reveal 2JZ engine conversion kit for new Toyota Supra

    I’m sure a lot of people laughed and said “imagine having a BMW engine in a Toyota.....”
  15. UK - Pricing and Availability Details

    If it’s the same as the M140i which I suspect it will be then it’s 179 g/km. Euro emissions standard 6. That’s insurance group 37 so I suspect it to be similar if not the max group.
  16. UK - Pricing and Availability Details

    Different paint, black wheels and some red seat highlights are a weak special edition so I doubt it’ll be worth anything. Not to mention rare doesn’t mean wanted... Honestly I think this will depreciate like a brick so maybe I’ll get one second hand when they’re 10k but maybe not. Definitely...
  17. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    Why can’t they just put a decent spoiler on it....
  18. UK - Pricing and Availability Details

    It’s already too highly priced compared to the US. I won’t be going ahead for that and some other reasons. However if they do raise the price then I can’t see it selling here at all. FYI. I think it’ll hurt Germany more than it will hurt us if we leave with no deal.
  19. 3 years or 36,000 miles?

    Yea but the MKIV has reliabilty up to 7/800hp on a stock motor... If Toyota are having to keep this at 335hp to ensure reliabilty then there’s no way it’ll have the same reliabilty. That’s just an impossibility.