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  1. Watch out for narcs!

    So is this the part where Phil Havok gets blacklisted for saving Toyota USA about 10k?
  2. Charleston, SC

    Spotted an Absolute Zero White Suora the other day on hwy 21 headed towards the Airstation, I took a left at the light headed towards the Cross Creek shopping Center. Wonder if he's on here, may have been a Marine.
  3. Official Supra Owner's Age Thread

    Really?! I'm going to look in to that then! I noticed your location as DFW...I actually lived in DFW from 2015-2019. I had most of my back stuff handled in Plano @ Texas Back Institute. Loved my surgeon amazing human being.
  4. Official Supra Owner's Age Thread

    36 years old....although a 360 degree L4-L5 fusion has me feeling about 87 some days! LOL
  5. Charleston, SC

    Hey that's me! I have the 2020 Tungsten Silver with the single exit exhaust! I take it you're the fella I spoke with briefly with the a91 edition then? I know Stokes Toyota in Beaufort had a Renaissance Red and Absolute Zero White in inventory at the same time I purchased my car...wondering if...
  6. Charleston, SC

    I have seen 2 different black ones in Beaufort, and have passed a T-Gray one in the Bluffton area a couple times. I wonder if either of you are who I've seen.
  7. Replacment Key Flashed from Dealership

    Tyvm for this, I feel a bit more confident now.
  8. Replacment Key Flashed from Dealership

    $623 for the key and the quote I have in hand.
  9. Replacment Key Flashed from Dealership

    Hey errbody, I have to get an additional flashed for my car. I have MHD and BimmerCode flashes and modifications to my car. Will allowing the dealership to flash a new key to my car in some way shape or form have them potentially lock my DME and screw up all my work?
  10. MST cold air intake

    @Sagebro Is this still available?