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  1. TRD Style door garnish and side skirts

    you will require to drill for the side skirt
  2. TRD Style door garnish and side skirts

    correct these are replicas (style) but it’s build 1 to 1 with the real TRD verses some other replicas out there that cut corners
  3. TRD Style door garnish and side skirts

    Hey all, I have 5 sets of the door garnish in stock and ready to ship. PM if you are interested!
  4. TRD Style door garnish and side skirts

    Hey guys, I have the opportunity to get some TRD style door garnishes and side skirts. It is 3K carbon weave and the quality is very good. Before I put in the order, I would like to gauge interests for the parts. Door Garnishes: 800 shipped Side Skirts: 1100 Shipped
  5. A91 available

    Hey all, just passing along some info I got this morning. This A91 just arrived at the dealer I got my 2020 from. Ask for Zak (my salesman) and he should be able to hook you up!
  6. WTS: Like New Launch edition wheels

    Hey guys, Looking to sell my launch edition wheels only. Have about 80 miles on it with ceramic coating. Trying to clean out my garage for some more spaces. Asking 1500
  7. Street Aero Diffuser for 2020 supra

    they do include spacers that will help it look more straight. I was just didn’t put it on since I didn’t like the gap.
  8. Street Aero Diffuser for 2020 supra

    I would suggest drilling into the OEM fins and place a washer below the street aero and one inside the fin. They provided some big washers.
  9. Street Aero Diffuser for 2020 supra

    I have the diffuser. It was a simple install. LMK if anyone have questions or need photos.
  10. Tonyng92 - Absolute Zero White Buil

    Love it. It has a very deep tone and loud crackles. Not too much drone at high rpm.
  11. Tonyng92 - Absolute Zero White Buil

    It is OEM spec in gunmetal
  12. Tonyng92 - Absolute Zero White Buil

    Hey all, Quick introduction. I been modding and building cars for the past 5 years. First car I got into modding with my 2010 BMW E93 M3 DCT convertible. 2 years later, I found an amazing deal on a 2015 BMW F82 M4 Manual. This was my first manual car that I owned. However, my buddy's 94 Supra...
  13. Door Garnish

    any update on the door garnish?
  14. Door Garnish

    Hey, is there any door garnishes out that are not OEM style? maybe TRD style?
  15. Plug'n'Play Methanol Injection Kit for MKV Supra

    Hey, I currently have the FTP motorsport chargepipe. They have 2 injector ports on it. Do you guys have a kit that does not include the injection billet?
  16. StudioRSR Cage Install

    uhh..oh..i am having similar issue with Mannici car mats. i filed a dispute on paypal since the package still stuck in china. very upsetting unfortunately Studiorsr is a US base company in Cali. And I’m from the east coast. This is more of bad customer service/support. They shouldn’t give...
  17. StudioRSR Cage Install

    How long did it take you to receive your cage? i had my order in since Nov 7th and still no cage.