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  1. SupraMKV Interview with Tada-San on 2021 GR Supra

    You didn't ask about a manual transmission option? Thats really the only thing to ask at this point..
  2. Guff's SEMA 2019 Coverage; Look at all these Supras!

    Did you lose weight or is this a different Guff?
  3. My Supra Review

    With that thought process, a Model 3 Performance drives and handles perfectly fine too why bother building an outdated ICE car? It really does need a manual transmission to complete the car.
  4. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    There is no gripe about the the C8 being auto because it looks like a supercar, the mclaren 720 etc is auto only and its a super car and nobody cares. The supra is no super car, its a rebadged z4(idc what anybody says), it should come w a manual so people that enjoy driving can shift their...
  5. Why I'm NOT Hyped About The New Toyota Supra

    Ok your right. Realistically 350 turbocharged is just fine. That can be tuned easily. This is mostly about not having a stout manual trans option.
  6. Why I'm NOT Hyped About The New Toyota Supra

    Well I need to buy a car soon, and just wanted to say that it isn't a A90. Without a manual trans whats the point. I was going to let the whole B58 powerplant slide, but without a manual trans I really don't care about the car. I'm sure there will be shops and tuners that make 1000-2000 maybe...
  7. Front plate placement / Let's see those personalized License plates

    I was thinking: 6SPEED (whoops) GETR4G (whoops) ZUPRA
  8. 2019 Toyota Supra RZ is now sold out in Japan. Update: EU & AU

    Soo this means there a manual transmission coming?
  9. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?

    Its not that they should remove the auto tranny, but at least give the option for a manual even if it is slower. Porsche did the same thing. I can understand a car like the R35 GTR needing to be auto, but a car like the Supra should be in a manual. I mean if I wanted a car to drive itself...
  10. Toyota Won’t Offer Four-Cylinder Supra In The U.S.

    Its not that people want the 4 cylinder, but that people want the manual transmission.
  11. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?

    I also find it interesting how nobody has mentioned anything about the electric ebrake? It seems as if the last drivers car is a GT86. Is the demand not overwhelming for the manual? Whos buying these automatics? LOL. I don't care how good the auto is I still prefer to be involved with...
  12. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?

    Ok, so official release day, everything that has been leaked is confirmed. But No info on the manual? Is this something that has been covered, but I haven't read it? Is the 4cylinder coming to the US?
  13. Plans for your new Supra?

    1. Will you buy the 2020 Supra as soon as you can? Or will you wait for the 2021? (Or later) Depends if it comes in a manual transmission. 2. What color combination will you get? The one that comes with a manual transmission 3. What will you use your car for primarily? (Daily driving? Weekend...
  14. Scion FR-S / Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ

    Ideally I like the 17+ update, but a lot of those used ones are priced pretty high that it makes sense to just buy new. I don't think the 86/brz will appreciate if it gets canceled, but who knows. I'm just not sure if I'd get bored of the car since it has no power. Yea but then its not a...
  15. Scion FR-S / Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ

    I'm getting impatient should I buy a BRZ/86? I most likely wont be getting an A90 if its an auto, not to mention it cost twice as much as a brz/86, and if there isn't any updates anytime soon for the brz/86 is now a good time to buy? Still feel like the brz/86 is overpriced for what your...
  16. Should I buy a MK4 supra or wait for the MK5?

    I'll probably just wait till more info on the MKV is released. I asked this question because there is a somewhat low mile mk4 supra that I found. Its not necessarily a good deal by any means, but in this day and age its getting harder to find clean low miles one (especially one that doesn't...
  17. Should I buy a MK4 supra or wait for the MK5?

    Should I spend $50k-55k for a MK4 supra or wait for the MK5? Its hard to justify since I think the MK4 bubble has popped in a sense that the prices have slowed down from jumping up, but then again new car depreciation would hit harder.
  18. Who can actually afford the new Supra?

    Probably not, "Its more than I can afford pal!, Toyota"
  19. How does the Tesla Model 3 stack up to the upcoming sports cars?

    Anyone's take on the upcoming EVs? Instant torque, handling is good even though they weight a ton somewhat similar to s2000 for the Model 3. They may not put down super 1/4 miles times or 0-60 times, but I don't think that is their purpose. Is it just me or is it more logical to just buy a...