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  1. 750 cc injectors for PI

    750s us is plenty for the power goal you listed.
  2. ECUTEK ProEcu For BMW B58/2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    YES, the dealer can indeed update the ECU to the latest software. However, the latest software for a prior tunable ecu is still unlockable via bench flashing. If you have an already locked ecu with new bosch BTLD and etc from June/july 2020 then you will not be able to flash tune. Many 2021s...
  3. ECUTEK ProEcu For BMW B58/2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    Like visconti said, No, your tuner has to do it. So reach out to whoever that is
  4. Supra MKV or keep building my TT 370Z.

    The stock LPFP can support 700whp on E85. Its the HPFP that can't. on E85, it taps out around high 400s. but you can make 500-530whp on the stock HPFP with E30-E50. By upgrading you would do port injection, as there is no HPFP upgrade yet for the TU.
  5. Supra MKV or keep building my TT 370Z.

    E50 on the stock fuel system is better than E85 on the stock fuel system because you don't need to have boost lowered until the HPFP limit. trans builds there are a few options. Pure Drivetrain solutions and Jacks Trans. Pick whichever one fits your budget. I have a PDS trans in our car...
  6. Port/e50/stock turbo/catless

    you have a lockd ecu. What were you planning on using to adjust the car? JB4? on a car which is fully tunable Full E85 on the stock turbo with port injection would have its benefits. You will make more torque due to not needing to limit boost due to fuel constraints. Power is moot because...
  7. Supra MKV or keep building my TT 370Z.

    the decision to keep the Z or not financially is going to be up to deciding if you feel its worth it. the Supra is going to be an overall better performing car everywhere. I like the Z, but the Supra is simply a better car. Stock turbo supra will make 500whp. Which will be faster than your...
  8. Twisted Tuning A90/A91 Supra and BMW Z4 Upgraded Driveshaft

    A pair of our upgraded 4" aluminum 2000hp shafts heading out to Kanoo Performance......
  9. Turbo Kit Thread/ Feedback

    I run anywhere from e68 to e98 depending on what I'm doing. no issues 80% of the time I'm running pump e85 which ranges from e65-e72 in my immediate area. The other 20% of time im running VP or Sunoco fuel e85-e98
  10. Turbo Kit Thread/ Feedback

    only dyno i have of my car was with Port injection prior to installing my pump upgrade. car made 767whp on a mustang dyno on E68 over a year ago on 28-29psi up top. I typically now run 31-34psi on my and have sent it to 40-42psi several times on the street for testing but i haven't dyno'd at...
  11. MHD Flasher For 2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    looks like you have a newer 2021 rom ID. Whats the ECU manufacturer date on the ECU label? Usually if the flash fails its due to the device not being in airplane mode or low battery. But its hard to say. Are you using the MHD wifi adapter for flashing or something else?
  12. 2021 Stage 1 Tuning on MHD or BM3

    Realistically every flash platform uses the same tables to tune the cars. If you want the ecutek racerom features. Go with ecutek. If not, then any flash platform with a proper tuner will give requested results. My car runs exactly the same and makes the same power on ecutek, mhd, mgflasher...
  13. Turbo Kit Thread/ Feedback

    There are quite a few people running doc race kit besides me. Not sure if they re on the forum or not though. But i tuned a few of them. What do you wish to know about the Doc kit?
  14. Wind Buffeting Resolution (for me anyway..)

    have been tested at 160+mph. No buffeting whatsoever. completely fixed with our solution.
  15. Twisted Tuning 3.5" Stainless Steel Single Exit Exhaust

    Our welder has been backed up with a few projects that take precedence over this at the moment. Sorry for the delay.
  16. Twisted Tuning A90/A91 Supra and BMW Z4 Upgraded Driveshaft

    Also offering CF shaft via special order now.
  17. Pedal Commander

    pedal responsiveness and etc. can be tuned. no need adding in a 3rd party.
  18. Active Autowerks tune?

    no experience with active autowerks tunes. didnt even know they offered tuning. So can't really comment on the quality. Anyway if you're looking for a tune and etc. Feel free to reach out. i support MHD, MGFlasher and Ecutek with custom tune support.
  19. Twisted Tuning A90/A91/Z4 Solid Driveshaft Guibo

    These are now available for purchase at the link in the first post.