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  1. MKV Toyota Supra Photoshops & Renders based on FT-1 & Prototypes

    HOT! I so wish they keep those vertical vents below the tail lights, along with that tail light shape (no circular ones please)!
  2. 2019 Toyota Supra Prototype Reveals Production Intent Design/Parts

    ^^^ perfect example of how much the camo if still concealing the styling underneath. Look at how much better the one without the heavy rear shoulder camo looks. The shoulders/fenders look so much more aggressive and shapely. :love:
  3. Toyota FT-1 concept & A90 Supra design dissected

    I had this debate with a friend the other day about whether the new Supra would sell mainly to people who grew up in the 90's and want a remake of an iconic sports car they grew up with or if it would be a new crowd less concerned with whether it has any resemblance to the MKIV. I argued that...
  4. 2019 Toyota Supra - First Prototype Spotted! Photos & Video Inside

    Nice gauges. Looks like there's lots of room to display some nice graphics and info in between the physical outlines of the speedo and tach. Would love to see Audi style navigation and car controls all being done in that space.
  5. What will the FT-1 be called? Supra trademark revived by Toyota!

    Good to know the Supra name is more than just "on the table" but they are still intending on using it.
  6. 3rd gen G29 BMW Z4 (2019-202X)

    Never realized the MKIV Supra was actually the smallest one yet. Usually cars just get bigger over its life. If the MKV Supra comes in at 175-180 inches it should still be a good size (not too big and not too small)
  7. Will FT-1 concept follow the FT-86 timeline?

    If Tada San's words remain accurate then we should be seeing another concept debut this year - see
  8. Will FT-1 concept follow the FT-86 timeline?

    OT, but interesting bit about a real hot hatch. Does that mean they're going to kill off the Yaris and bring a real hot hatch that is actually more focused on performance than the Yaris?
  9. Will FT-1 concept follow the FT-86 timeline?

    A 2 seater? Doubtful if based off of the FT-1 which of course was 2+2. No reason to believe the plans will change. IMO if Toyota wants a 2 seater the 86 or sub 86 is the better candidate.
  10. New Supra and Z4 will share platforms

    CF everything sounds neat and all but how do you make repairs on carbon fiber? If it's difficult and expensive to produce won't that mean it's also difficult and expensive to repair?
  11. Wish List for the new Supra / Must Have Futures and Options!

    There's a sub 86 in the works? i haven't been keeping up. What they need to do or should have done is move the FRS off the Scion brand, upmarket it and give it a Toyota badge. The sub 86 can be a Scion.
  12. News: BMW FT1 Supra Project Moves Into Concept Stage

    Yea agree but I think at that point it wouldn't actually be a 3rd FT-1 but a 1st Supra MKV concept. Semantics but an important one. I basically just want a slightly smaller FT-1 with a more realistic nose and interior. That's it.
  13. News: BMW FT1 Supra Project Moves Into Concept Stage

    Yup that is what I consider the platform and will hopefully see a concept built off of the BMW/Toyota one soon. It'll give us a much better idea of the production size/proportions/etc.
  14. News: BMW FT1 Supra Project Moves Into Concept Stage

    Even if the concept car does not sit on the actual platform, my comment was more about something BASED ON the known specifications. Since the FT-1 is just a shell underpinned by the Lexus RC platform, we don't know if that is just what was available to them or an accurate representation of the...
  15. News: BMW FT1 Supra Project Moves Into Concept Stage

    They were obviously talking about a concept for the real platform and not just a design exercise. I have a lot of respect for Calty does but they are not engineers and the concepts should be taken with a huge grain of salt. Did they even know /were told the size, weight, drivetrain...
  16. Toyota FT-1 Concept on Jay Leno's Garage

    Is there only one red and one graphite concept that they are shipping everywhere? Didn't it show up in several different countries and the whole US show circuit?
  17. The Supra vs Z4!

    The Z4 before current one was a cool driver's car, especially the coupe version but they like totally softened it too much for the current gen. Fact tht they didn't even put out a M model shows you that bmw didn't even think it was a very sporty car. I think they'll use this opportunity to make...
  18. Toyota FT-1 Images & Video from Gran Turismo 6

    As close as we'll get to seeing it really put down the rubber!