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  1. Wouldnt Rev after starting

    I would just take videos of it happening and upload it onto youtube like i did. That way they can share that info with Toyota corporate. The tech that worked on my car was happy that i had videos because they have little experience on these cars since they are technically BMWs. It made his...
  2. Titan Motorsports B58 Engine Disassembly on their abused vehicle

    He said it was a 2020 supra. Does anyone know if he had the stock turbo or was in a different one?
  3. Possible paint issue? Red supra

    Yeah same problem mine had. Also found the same spots on a 2021 red one at the dealer. My car is being bought back for other reasons due to mechanical/electrical reasons but the paint for me was the icing on the cake that made me say i was done with this car. Honestly if you really love...
  4. Needs advice from supra community!

    I thought the same thing on my car but their are more supras with the same issue as mine and OP
  5. Needs advice from supra community!

    Toyota just offered to buy my car back. Had a new ECU and it didnt fix my issue with my rev power problems. I also had the wiper twitch and my display screen twitch left and right. I had the same ecu and software that are in the 2021s and my car was a 20. I wouldnt tune your car because they...
  6. Clunk from center console every 45 seconds.

    As for it being tuned just be honest with the service and tell them you tuned the car and to not update your ecu. My car was not tuned so obviously thats not was caused the issue.
  7. Clunk from center console every 45 seconds.

    This is the service paperwork that the tech did. Hope it helps.
  8. Clunk from center console every 45 seconds.

    They just reset a bunch of the computers in the car is what the tech told me.
  9. Clunk from center console every 45 seconds.

    This is what my car was doing back in sep 10th 2020. Got that problem fixed but the car had other problems and unfortunately i had toyota buy the car back. Is this what your car is doing?
  10. Clunk from center console every 45 seconds.

    Check to see if your windshield wiper is making that noise when you here the clunk. Passenger wiper blade hitting the windshield.
  11. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Said goodbye :*(
  12. Wouldnt Rev after starting

    Unfortunately no. The supra was my weekend fun car only. I finally was able to afford a 3rd car but since all the trouble it was going through im deciding to just wait a few years and buy one in cash instead of making payments. Hoping the 2024 supra will be faster and more reliable computer...
  13. Wouldnt Rev after starting

    Lucky i didn't have tk do lemon law. Toyota pretty much took care of everything. As for buying another supra, im going to wait 2 more years so i can pay cash for one and hopefully they work all the bugs out or most of them.
  14. Wouldnt Rev after starting

    Update. Toyota made a offer and im happy with it. Completely paid off the loan and extra for that parts i bought.
  15. WTT OEM wheels Matte finish for OEM

    Update. They reimbursed me for the wheels, door covers, spoiler and other items. Please delete this thread.
  16. Supra facelift discussion

    Make all vents functional! Fix wind buffeting! And make it so i dont buy a lemon next time! :*(
  17. WTT OEM wheels Matte finish for OEM

    They are offering to buy my stuff on the car. Ill update you once i get more info.
  18. Wouldnt Rev after starting

    I was thinking about that but only color i really like right now is red. And since the only 2 red cars ive seen have that paint issue im unsure about it atm. Also some other owners are experiencing computer glitches ect... im just not sure about the car anymore. Im thinking i might wait for...
  19. Wouldnt Rev after starting

    Updated: Toyota will be offering me a buyback. Unsure for how much atm. Waiting to hear from the rep. The service department was able to reproduce the problems again and found a new glitch (screen was twitching just like it did when i put the car in reverse the backup display camera was...
  20. Possible paint issue? Red supra

    That's funny my car is most likely being bought back for the same reason. Its been in service for a tot of 30 days for the same issue. Ontop of that i have this paint problem.