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  1. 21 Supra. Need oil change. What oil/filter and where

    No different filter.
  2. 21 Supra. Need oil change. What oil/filter and where

    I change religiously every 3k. I'm not worried about it.
  3. 21 Supra. Need oil change. What oil/filter and where

    This is the way.
  4. back to 2.0 vs 3.0 debate ... Facebook?

    For starters any debate that takes place on social media is going to inherently produce a significantly less intelligent crowed of overly opinionated morons. So if you want to talk cars do it at a local shop, test and tune, or bar. Second off....who cares what anyone else thinks?! If someone...
  5. New Intake Manifold design by Wagner Tuning

    Isn't the A2w system on these cars separate from engine cooling?
  6. Toyota Hit by Chip Shortage - Production Cut News Thread

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 American manufacturing is dead and likely will never come back until required to aid in war efforts, and the one American manufacturing sector that has been on a rapid incline they are doing everything possible to completely obliterate. Hint: that sector is predicated around one of your...
  7. Toyota Hit by Chip Shortage - Production Cut News Thread

    This will keep the price of everything high so while yes a used supra will retain an inflated value so will literally everything else. So it's really volatile inflation more than increase in value.
  8. What's your Vice and how are you working to better yourself?

    For whoever needs to read it. Whatever you're trying to quit or think may not be adding value to your life you can absolutely get rid of. It won't be easy, you may not think you can, but you can. Just spend some time reflecting on who is around you, where you are, and what it is, then evaluate...
  9. Pricing and Negotiation 2022 Supra

    Huh!...never realized. I stand corrected.
  10. It’s Official (Not Supra)

    Great choice. That will be a fun and much more economical car.
  11. Pricing and Negotiation 2022 Supra

    2021 is the same thing. No brembo unless you get premium.
  12. Weird 'oily dirt' buildup at specific areas of the car?

    I saw the same thing on mine in the spot you pointed an arrow to. Cleaned it up, don't think it's come back....yet.
  13. Please help me out!

    Two personal opinions for consideration: 1. As anal as you're being about get the entire car PPF or wrapped. I don't see any other solution for you. 2. It's a car...they drive down the road and hit things the entire time. Scratches are going to happen. Who cares, enjoy it, do the...
  14. ECU Bricked during Recall Update…

    I'd bet a beer that's what's causing these.
  15. helppp

  16. ECU Bricked during Recall Update…

    If your dealership begins attempting this update without the car being on a battery tender, stop them.
  17. Turbo Blankets?

    Get the Verus turbo heat shield. That's what most of us ended up going with. They make both a 2 and 6 port version.
  18. ETS CATLESS downpipe

    No idea. Looks like it fits the stock midpipe if that helps.
  19. ETS CATLESS downpipe

    Visconti sells boost logic in the event you can't find an ETS.