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  1. Supra Brake Assist Engine Recall

    Try this link on Toyota UK
  2. Supra Brake Assist Engine Recall

    Thanks for posting this thread for the UK, Helps everyone here in the UK as we have many differences. Not only that I think many more will be getting letters soon. I also just got my letter for the same thing :( 21 Plate built in Jan2020 However I don't have a Tune or anything but still would...
  3. Sat Nav Data, 2020 Europe

    Hahah yeah they release them every 4 months I think... Not 100% sure So next one should be Jan2022, Then May, Then back to September next year. I doubt much changes in-between them so you could skip a few. Just make sure you update before the map update service runs out although I'm not sure...
  4. Where to go for servicing/warranty issues?

    Not going to lie i'm not looking forward to it if it comes to it. Luckily my local dealership seems really good, Always have a couple of Supras in the showroom and lots of GR Yaris too. Although could be a different story when it comes to servicing/issues. If your locals are not willing to sort...
  5. New supra owner

    Things are a bit different over this side of the pond. Firstly the car is much more expensive over here to buy, Looking at $70,000 including taxes equivalent. So a bit of a different audience in terms of affordability. This also means mods are generally quite expensive compared to the US...
  6. New supra owner

    Welcome!! Berkshire for me.
  7. Toyota Supra Connect issues

    Looks like Toyota released an update to the App the other day and seems to be back working now. Although it defaults to US Gallons for Fuel level, and I'm sure it was on Litres beforehand... And can't seem to change it.
  8. Supra GR 3.0 Connectivity Issues

    No worries, will you be looking for another Supra or going elsewhere for your replacement? I take it elsewhere after the nightmare!:(
  9. Sat Nav Data, 2020 Europe

    Glad you managed to get it sorted!
  10. Supra GR 3.0 Connectivity Issues

    Hmm yeah that's the thing I was on about! That's really annoying, Do you know how old the car is? I know with BMW some of the services expire after 3 years or even before. I'm sure though the core connected services remain active for at least 4/5 years minimum. This bit normally gives a date...
  11. Supra GR 3.0 Connectivity Issues

    Have you checked the car iDrive settings? There might be an option that disables the remote connectivity. My advise if you haven't already is to do a full iDrive reset so it gets rid of everything/ settings and start from scratch.
  12. Sat Nav Data, 2020 Europe

    Yep my version and should be the latest is Road Map Europe EVO 2021-2
  13. Sat Nav Data, 2020 Europe

    Ahh ok. Yeah as soon as you put the USB key in the car it pops up on the screen saying a newer version is detected and asks if you want to install it. Does the installer confirm it extracted all the files ok to the USB? Any errors on the tool? I used EXFAT for mine as i don't think Fat 32 Is...
  14. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Done a 6 hour each way trip down to the coast (550 miles total) over the weekend. Camped out for a couple of nights and very happy with the comfort of the car for the journey, Plenty of space for a couple nights camping gear and no aches or pains from the seats. Most importantly managed to hit...
  15. Sat Nav Data, 2020 Europe

    Hi Make sure you download the files to a temporary folder first like on your desktop (NOT TO THE USB KEY). Then Click Proceed to download Then the software should ask you where you want to extract them (i.e your USB key) Once all the files are downloaded.
  16. Speaker hiss even when muted?

    No hissing or high pitched noise with mine and I pickup on sounds like this quite easily. Bit of a tricky one to try and fix, Maybe try pulling the fuse that's used for the speakers? Not sure if that would help.
  17. Orange MK5 Toyota Supra spotted on set of upcoming Fast & Furious 9

    (Edit looks from the pics its on at least 1200 miles. So I guess anything slightly up from that.) It was only registered at the end of June this year so I'm going with 99% typo and guessing its supposed to be 770 miles 😄 Even so its almost £2k over a brand new list price car excluding...
  18. Orange MK5 Toyota Supra spotted on set of upcoming Fast & Furious 9

    Just stopped by my local dealership and saw this! Asked them and apparently its wrapped, Also for sale if anyone's interested although very expensive. Not the same car used in the movie...
  19. New Limited Edition 3.0l in UK

    My local dealer was trying to sell me one when I looked for mine, As its a limited car they were not willing to give as much as the normal Pro models. You can still get the £2K allowance from Toyota on the 24 month term at 0% interest. However I don't think they would offer much more on top, a...
  20. First Service

    Just found these links This is just for general stuff and bookings More critically this link is for a service plan and you can input REG and millage and will tell you when your first service is due. Mine says May...