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  1. Should we wait for the Manual Transmission Supra? Update: Tada-san says no to MT?

    I have no complaints with my '13 Scion FR-S @ 315 HP on the dyno and an HKS supercharger. Stock clutch several years now.
  2. Company reveal 2JZ engine conversion kit for new Toyota Supra

    CX RACING is TRASH! Guaranteed they don't make a 2JZ swap kit. I bought their oil cooler for my FR-S as it was the only unit with heat exchanger location that wouldn't interfere with my intercooler. After exchanging parts I still had it spring multiple leaks and the hoses had leaky AN-8...
  3. Official NOCTURNAL BLACK Supra Club Thread

    Black is the hardest to maintain and keep clean, but looks the sharpest when it is clean.
  4. "Thank you" to Akio Toyoda, Tetsuya Tada et al...

    Or electric. No problem with power, just make it handle well and of course batteries keep the COG down.
  5. Canada - Pricing, Availability Details & Orders

    The Mid-engine Vette will be WAYY more
  6. "Thank you" to Akio Toyoda, Tetsuya Tada et al...

    Finally got to see the new Supra in the flesh today, in matte grey colour at the Toronto Auto Show. Also, sat in a Z4 to get a feel for the proportions. That's a long hood!!! I am hoping this car becomes even more legendary than the clown's shoe! Smart move making the alliance with BMW on this...
  7. Toyota Supra Size Dimensions Comparison Thread

    That would have been awesome for the 86, since it would benefit from the structure of the much more expensive Supra. I don't see that making the Supra a convincing proposal though, except maybe it would benefit from weight reduction. Better to be the lowest priced house on an expensive street...
  8. Canada - Pricing, Availability Details & Orders

    When I ordered my FR-S in April 2012 I was unaware there was a Subaru variant with a few extras. Since the Subaru would take longer to arrive, I called a dealer in Western New York and was told I had to add something like an additional 5.5% tariff to our 13% sales tax at the border since that...
  9. This is the 2019 Mitsubishi Lancer

    It is ironic that we go from an Evo-eye WRX to a WRX-eye Lancer. Without the Evo it's just another competitor to the Civic and Corolla. Perhaps they will do a Rally Sport with a turbo. Mitsubishi put out a nice looking compact CUV that I just happened to see today called an Eclipse Cross Trek. I...
  10. Canada - Pricing, Availability Details & Orders

    I don't know if a Canadian Toyota dealer will try to sell a vehicle above MSRP unless it actually is difficult to obtain. It seems bad PR in a sense. On the other hand, dealers might wish to specifically order the optioned up model so they sell few but higher ticket units. Can't blame them, really.
  11. Petition Against The 'Supra' Badge

    Unless these people can initiate a boycott of Toyota products worldwide it's a no go. Maybe they need to negotiate a group buy on NSXs. LOL Probably written by 17 year olds.
  12. Toyota may build Supra convertible / targa instead of 86 convertible

    I'm actually wondering why the Supra wasn't an RC variant. I guess Toyota felt the inline six was necessary like every previous Supra.
  13. Toyota may build Supra convertible / targa instead of 86 convertible

    If they did a convertible, I'd bet dollars to donuts I'd be a Lexus.
  14. Take a look at the interior of the 2020 Supra

    I haven't gotten through the 2nd page of this thread yet, but here is my feeling thus far having only seen these 2D images on my monitor. This is not sufficient information to form an opinion to vote on, IMHO. The top of the dash is stitched, which resembles other current Toyota products. I am...
  15. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?

    I think that Toyota as a company wants to continue to sell the 86 alongside the Supra and the 86 will still be the weekend track junkie car as well as a step down for enthusiasts that find the Supra too pricey. Perhaps upon launch it is best for them as a company to sell automatics and maybe as...
  16. A90 Supra engines and parts diagrams (all) revealed!

    Why are so many people astonished about the BMW parts? Same way the FR-S and 86 have all Subaru parts. And, BMW's OEM parts supply is so much closer that the only reason a Toyota part might be used is if BMW doesn't have it available. This does not mean that the engineering lead is necessarily...
  17. Take a look at the new Supra!!! Full vehicle revealed by Toyota Mexico

    The side view made my pants tighten a bit.
  18. Latest 2020 Supra Interior Spy Pics!

    Didn't read thru the entire thread. I am not surprised they left out the steering wheel LCD gear display that was on the prototype. Too bad, that seemed a bit more realistic than the crazy reversed side mirrors and it would be a unique hot button feature. In the end if the anticipated volume...
  19. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    Officially making my presence known. Always loved Supras. Back in '85 I settled for a new red VW GTI for my first brand new car when just a few more bucks could have got me a barely 1 yr old Celica GTS in red. Lesson learned, always make the extra stretch for Toyota quality! I have really...