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  1. Coding EDC

    I got errors using the KW kit unfortunately. I read that there are problems with that Deletion Kit? I get error message sporadically, not immediately at startup but after some time.
  2. Coding EDC

    Hi, in which control unit is the EDC integrated in the Supra? i would like to code it out instead of using the KW Kit. or is it better to delete the FA and disconnect the EDC control unit ? Where is the EDC control unit? Thanks
  3. Painted A-pillars

    Does anyone know this color or wrap ?
  4. Dash display turns off suddenly while on highway

    Had the same error on my old 650i. BMW flashed the control Unit. But it was a known error these days.
  5. Tomei Titanium Exhaust For Sale

    Is the single exit tomei louder than the dual ? I am gonna install the dual exit next week. Sorry for OT. Good luck with selling !
  6. Tow Strap BMW F series

    Hi, does the f series tow straps fits on the supra a90? I ask because I save quite a bit on shipping costs when I order from the UK, where they are in stock. Thanks
  7. Tuning Locked ECU's Post 6/2020

    Thank you :) I dropped him a pm here.
  8. Tuning Locked ECU's Post 6/2020

    General Question. Who does custom tuning on a jb4 for 102 Aral Ultimate (EU)? Is this worth it compared to the default maps ? Got also a 2021 ECU. I am also waiting for my Turbo Upgrade when Ecutek can do it. But for the meantime I use JB4.
  9. Official REFRACTION Supra Club Thread

    General Question. The EU Color Blue Horizon (Jarama Edition) seems similar to Refraction Blue. Is it the same ?
  10. Seat Position Recaro Pole Position

    Hi, Currently I use Recaro Pole Position, macht schnell floor mounts , recaro side adapter and recaro running rails. Everything on the lowest level. But unfortunately I still sit too high. Is there any way to sit lower besides mounting the side adapters directly on the floor mounts ? I am 6'3...
  11. XPEL 200µ Offer

    Hi, i got an offer of 3900 Dollar of XPEL with 200µ for Hood / front / mirrors / fenders and side doors for 3900 USD. How do you see it ? Too expensive ? Thanks
  12. Tow hook License Plate holder opinions.

    What are the Dimensions of the Plate holder Plate itself ? Thanks
  13. Seatbelt Part numbers

    Hi, Does anyone know the seatbelt Part numbers ? Thanks
  14. Brake caliper RAL code

    Hi, Does anyone know the ral Code of the Brake calipers ? Thanks
  15. Rennline license Plate holder

    The holder of rennline can be adjusted variably and thus the license plate does not stand out so extremely. Is there anywhere something comparable ? I saw something similar here and this is extremely flush.
  16. Rennline license Plate holder

    Hi, I want to use the rennline license Plate holder in my supra. Does someone know which BMW Users the Same holder ? Thanks
  17. close

    Awesome wheels. What widebody ?
  18. BMW Mirror Caps F Series

    Hi, Which side mirrors of the f series are compatible with the supra a90? Thanks