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  1. Water Meth - Snow Vs AEM

    In general, it's better to run a few smaller nozzles for the appropriate GPH flow than one fatass nozzle. Zrk's advice tracks. Why: it's harder to atomize the W/M coming from a large spray on a single nozzle. The mist isn't quite as fine coming from that nozzle and it just takes longer to get a...
  2. E30 vs 100 octane JB4

    Stock fuel system + JB4 = no problem at E30. Stock fuel system + DME tune = no problems with E50. But bigger turbo with E50, you're looking at LPFP/HPFP upgrades. This is my best understanding.
  3. Phase 2 Motortrend Rigid Collars for A90 Supra -- Tips, Tricks, Torque

    I have not personally felt any difference with spirited driving and I do throw the car around a lot. But, in this case, I wasn't really looking to improve subframe rigidity for the purposes of handling. In this case, I was looking to avoid issues I've experienced with my other car where shifted...
  4. Phase 2 Motortrend Rigid Collars for A90 Supra -- Tips, Tricks, Torque

    I didn't take a picture, but the diameter of the bore through the subframe easily leaves 2-3mm gap around the perimeter of the subframe bolts.
  5. Dropped Supra caster issue

    Yep, that's the solution! There are two major suspension arms up front on the Supra. Green is the front lower control arm, which adjusts camber. Yellow is the caster rod, which positions the wheel hub fore/aft--but is not adjustable from the factory. This is not uncommon. If you follow the...
  6. Dropped Supra caster issue

    SPL caster bushings. This is a common issue when you lower a car.
  7. Water Meth - Snow Vs AEM

    Is honestly easier. To each their own of course, but I think W/M injection is a total pain in the ass. Nozzles. Hoses. Injection plates. Another controller. Keeping the tank full. Cranky solenoids. Blah blah. E50 is mix and go, and I can do it at a pump or be lazy and let my flex tune deal with it.
  8. Water Meth - Snow Vs AEM

    Oh, yes. That's true.
  9. E30 vs 100 octane JB4

    eMix's benefits aren't just about octane, though that's the primary benefit: cheap-and-easy(ish) octane that's better than 93, and it comes from a pump. You're right, that part helps with early detonation and knock resistance. But the ethanol content also substantially cools the temperature of...
  10. Water Meth - Snow Vs AEM

    Because 100% meth raises octane, which resists knock, which allows for timing advance, which allows for more power.
  11. Fuel Injection cleaner

    BG44K or Techron Concentrate Plus.
  12. Oil Drain Valve (UPDATE)

    No. Because now I never have to clean a single drop of oil ever again. It goes from the oil pan directly into oil recycling container. No spilling. No splashing. No gloves. No cleanup.
  13. Oil Drain Valve (UPDATE)

    Fumoto F109SX fits fine. I have one. You just have to orient it the right way and buy the hose kit with the 90° elbow fitting.
  14. Ceramic coating..

    I'm in for $1100 with 3-stage paint correction, full detail, and 5-year on body+wheels.
  15. Multiple Cylinder Missfire, w/knock code

    ??? are all the plugs bad?
  16. This catless DP came with the car, what kind is it?

    Appears to be a 4.5" eBay special. It's not CTS because CTS isn't welded on the larger "barrel" section next to the 2-bolt exhaust hanger.
  17. Multiple Cylinder Missfire, w/knock code

    But they already replaced bad plugs?
  18. A90 Supra Heat Exchanger List & Specifications

    I posted this in the wrong section. :( Could a moderator move it to B58 engine, exhaust and drivetrain? Not sure who to tag. Sorry!
  19. Multiple Cylinder Missfire, w/knock code

    I won't lie, OP. I think you have a defective sensor or defective motor as a worst case. But it's not the damn mods. An exhaust and intake is not going to cause knocks and misfires. Worst case, you'd get a CEL in the range of P0170-P0175 which represent things like: uncorrectable fuel trim, too...
  20. A90 Supra Heat Exchanger List & Specifications

    Hello, all. As you may or may not know, the Supra (and B58 in general) has two primary heat exchangers. The first is the "high temp" loop for the engine block, serviced by the rearmost radiator with coolant hoses on the upper and lower ends of the driver-side edge. The second is the "low temp"...