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  1. Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 Sales Figures

    Yeah all sales drop, but I'd never seen it that bad. Either way point is supra is selling really well.
  2. Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 Sales Figures

    Was just simply saying. I was just shocked sales even at the end of the gens life sales were so low.
  3. Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 Sales Figures

    Going there on the 24 for my track day
  4. Think i can be tuned?

    I'm going to guess and say around mid to early July lol
  5. Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 Sales Figures

    From the sales numbers I have seen at work, the Supra is outperforming the 86 by a landslide. I work at Toyota manufacturing and of course theres about 5 of us in the area and is not a big metro area.
  6. Think i can be tuned?

    6-20 build date. So right at the end of June sadly.
  7. Think i can be tuned?

    Good news and bad news.... Good news I'm not blind. Bad news, I can't be tuned 😂😂😂 6-26-20
  8. Think i can be tuned?

    I need to double Check mine. I have a build date 6/20 and I thought my ecu was 6/15/20 but I could have misread it.... I do need glasses hahaha
  9. Active exhaust options?

    Indeed it is!!! I love mine
  10. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    Thanks man!!! I friggin love it! Awe sounds mean too! I was going to go with it, and then aa released this and I knew about them from the bmw world and went for it. Couldn't be happier!
  11. Active exhaust options?

    I love my active autowerkes exhaust. And it uses the stock valve. So can switch between comfort and sport just like OEM. Also feel free to use my code Jackyl10 for 10% off at Which is where I bought all my performance parts.
  12. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    I love my active autowerkes exhaust. Highly underrated. I think it sounds mean. Definitely in top 3 this, awe and boost logic are my favs
  13. Broke clip for intake breather hose

    Same person from the fb group post? Check your charge pipe connection, and your connection to the turbo. Basically back track to the beginning and go through double checking everything. Constant like in your videos you posted, it's leaking bad from somewhere=not a secure connection
  14. Joe's build log

    Awesome thanks!! My buddy has a lift so will probably do that to hopefully help out! Have to adjust the exhaust a bit anyhow, so may bite the bullet and do this. I bought the Cusco brand. Hopefully they have good instructions too! Haha haven't unwrapped the rear yet!
  15. Coolant Bleeder Screw

    Just ordered mine. Completely neglected this
  16. Joe's build log

    Enjoying the build man! You have any details on how to do the rear sway bar? I have them here, just dreading the install 🤣
  17. Intake issue, help please

    Yeah, I had camera in bad spot with windows up. I'm going to make a new video in sport mode. Was hard to hear with the exhaust. It's very noticeable.
  18. Intake issue, help please

    Hell yeah!! Set me up! I keep getting asked where I got my exhaust and what not. And I'd put them in my channel
  19. Sticker question

    I'm torn which is why I was looking for opinions. Anything else goes, for me personally damn straight imma do what I want! I appreciate the feedback! Yeah I'm torn, I just get sick and tired of people asking if it's all stock etc even though my intake has armaspeed and charge pipe labeled 🙄