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  1. South Florida Supra gr peeps

    I have a titan motorsports downpipe, an armaspeed intake, and I just ordered an HKS exhaust (not sure when I'll be getting it though). I've only had my supra less than a month, still trying to break it in. Its been an awesome ride thus far. I'll send you a PM.
  2. OEM front Michelin PSS tires, 255/35-19 with <1K miles

    great deal! they sold quick! I would have bought them just because:p
  3. Radar Detector/Laser Jammer Installation

    Great information in here guys, thanks for the videos posted and all y'all's insight.
  4. Supra Coding Step By Step

    I meant, how to make the car's headlights not be in auto when you start it up. sorry for the error.
  5. Supra Coding Step By Step

    Following for a possible update on how to code/turn off the auto headlights feature.. anyone know?
  6. South Florida Supra gr peeps

    Yeah, I would be interested in finding out about local car meets.. and, If anyone is near Davie and likes wrenching on the Supra, I could use a hand with a Downpipe and Exhaust install, I have all the tools to get the job done.. However, I'm waiting on the exhaust, I just ordered it online, I...
  7. Presenting the AWE Foiler™ Wind Diffuser for the GR Supra

    Yeah, me personally, I'll sit back and allow others who bought them to later come back and chime in on how they perform and at quicker speeds.
  8. 2020 Supra parts for sale

    yeah, i wish i was local, i would have jumped on that exhaust, thats a good deal.
  9. AWE Tuning Touring Non-Resonated Exhaust for sale

    I'm in Davie, where are you located? I'm somewhat interested but not in a panic to get it right away.
  10. $362 oil change

    dude, this is fricken insanity to the max, I had to google the toyota dealership close to where you live so I could avoid that one at all cost.:mad:
  11. Debating to start selling steering wheels for supra's and other cars!

    I would be interested in a regular CF wheel, and im in S. florida too, so I could pick it up locally. :)
  12. Looking For Vehicle Transport

    Fellas, I'm all set, I locked in my vehicle transport. Should hopefully have her home by the end of the month.
  13. Looking For Vehicle Transport

    Thank you so much man, I reached out to them.
  14. Looking For Vehicle Transport

    What's going on fellas, I was hoping to get the hook up. My new Supra just arrived at the dealership in Lincoln Nebraska, does anyone have a solid connection for an enclosed vehicle transporter for a great price? Pickup city: Lincoln, NE (68516) Destination city: Davie, FL (33328) Let me know...
  15. Shameless Ripoff

    It'll be sitting right there in the show room a very long time..:thumbsdown::thumbsdown:
  16. FS: ARMASPEED CAI Graphene coated gloss CF cover

    Yeah, I had to have one of these myself.. great intake! good luck selling! should sell quickly
  17. Tomei Titanium Exhaust For Sale

    im tempted to jump on this, soooo tempted.
  18. NHTSA Recalls (Aug 3, 2021) - Remedy Available

    Man, this is just crazy, all this talk about unlocked and locked ECUs, makes me just wanna stinger splash somebody 😄