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  1. Chassis instability error, rear diff locked?

    Yes, it went back to normal after driving a lot slower around the track for a lap. It ended up doing this every session out. My last session (4th) I took traction control off (middle setting) and it still happened when I pushed the car to high speeds on the bank. This time the differential...
  2. Chassis instability error, rear diff locked?

    Hey guys I'm at Daytona speedway doing my NASA event. On my 3rd session out I got a chassis error going about 130 mph on one of the banks. The error also locked up the differential. Is this due to the high speed on the 30 degree bank upsetting the leveling sensors? I have not taken off traction...
  3. I had a 2020 for a year, and now I have a 2021. A List of Different Stuff.

    Which maps do you use on JB4? Have you had any hiccups with it?
  4. Piggyback

    I'm considering upping the boost 4-6 psi. I'm not adept with engine tuning, but with a larger cooling capacity, does the ECU maintain the operating temps no matter what? Wouldn't want to see an over cooling issue.
  5. Piggyback

    Ah yes of course, I agree. More boost more heat. So tackling cooling is first and foremost. If I'm tracking the car I'll need extra cooling for the extra boost. I approached that tune question incorrectly lol. But is JB4 reliable with track use?
  6. Piggyback

    How is the jb4 and other piggybacks for track use? Do they have issues when you're flogging the car multiple laps such as throttle closures etc? What about an Autocross session? I haven't seen much feedback on this as I know a flash tune is more reliable for track use other than stock tune.
  7. Supra Coding Step By Step

    Just did this mod thanks to @CarGuy11 man what a big difference. Audio is a lot better and no worries with the start/stop button anymore. The natural sound of the engine takes me back to older cars that didn't have fake sound through the speakers.
  8. vibration/buzzing in dash at 3500 rpm

    Maybe it's the active sound design? :hmm:
  9. Toyota Supra, Ruined by Bump Steer?!?!

    This is an issue I've noticed with loading the car into high speed corners and letting off throttle. It gives a wiggle in the rear end. Feels unsafe and unstable. BUT I think this is normal for RWD cars especially ones with lots of torque and a short wheel base. I've experienced this in Miatas...
  10. Injen Technology Products Now Available for the Supra A90!

    For the hp, it all looks to happen down low, not up top. That's quite nice. A decent amount more torque down low too. Someone should Dyno this intake themselves to see if numbers down low are similar.
  11. A90 Subwoofer - Any And All Info Pertaining To Subs

    This is fantastic! Thanks for dissecting all of this. Can't wait to see what you do to get this thing sounding a lot better.
  12. Wind Noise & Buffeting Fixes

    Wow looks very OEM!
  13. Wind Noise & Buffeting Fixes

    @Twisted Tuning waiting for gloss black ones :cool:
  14. No TRD or GR parts?

    I felt the same way as it was my first time at this specific dealership. I just did a meet and greet with the tech working on my Supra (Apparently only a few are trained to work on Supras at dealerships). We chatted sports cars and modding cars for a bit. I asked him if he could install some...
  15. No TRD or GR parts?

    Ahhh ok, thank you sir!
  16. No TRD or GR parts?

    Went in for my first service. 5K oil change to get out that break-in oil. Gunna be tracking the Supra at Sebring next month courtesy of NASA :thumbsup:. Rather have some new oil in there if I'm gunna tear this bitch up on the track. Got to talking with the parts department about any TRD or GR...
  17. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the A90 Supra. Available now.

    My bad, I meant the sound through the speakers of the car, not the valve in the exhaust.
  18. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the A90 Supra. Available now.

    Was the active sound design deleted for the making of this exhaust system? Would like to know if it was kept on your Supras or taken off for natural sound of the B58.