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  1. Official TURBULENCE GRAY Supra Club Thread

    I could never get on the matte bandwagon either. The first time I saw a matte black car was sometime in the late 90's early 00's. It was at a car show and all of the big dollar cars were indoors, while the more modest and "work-in-progress" rides were out in the parking lot. That's where I was...
  2. The Development Story of the MKV Supra

    I think the die has already been cast. There's really only two camps when it comes to the precise nature of the Supra co-development : 1. The ones that feel that any percentage of BMW parts above 0.0% is too much 2. And the rest that are interested out of curiosity, but in the end really don't...
  3. Petition Against The 'Supra' Badge

    You can't do motorized screens anymore... well you can but.... The NHTSA rolled out new guidelines for review video systems. To comply, the system must be able to display review video within 2 seconds after the vehicle is shifted into reverse. Right now, nobody makes a retractable screen that...
  4. Opinions of the Mark 2 Guys:

    So true. Like a lot of kids growing up in America, I had zero appreciation for inline sixes. A straight six is what you yanked out of a Chevelle before dropping in a small block V8. Then I went to college. More specifically I majored in mechanical engineering. To put a finer point on it, I took...
  5. Opinions of the Mark 2 Guys:

    The A60 was the car that made me fall in love with cars. I'm not kidding. I grew up in a car family. My dad and his brothers were neck deep into vintage 50's and 60's American iron. I didn't care much for the 50's cars. I really wasn't interested in land yachts with tail fins. I definitely...
  6. Toyota Supra TRD Performance Line Concept Teased??

    Haha! Talk about a "blast from the past"! I haven't thought about Gude Performance in a very long time. I probably filed them in the same place in my mind as those garbage Civic DRAG turbo kits...
  7. Toyota Supra TRD Performance Line Concept Teased??

    The B58 will end up being whatever the market demands it to be. Look at Honda B16s from back in the day. I don't think any tuner would choose that motor to make 500+ whp with, but that's what the kids wanted and those kids had money. So no doubt we'll see 1000 hp MKVs, even if you have to make...
  8. The Development Story of the MKV Supra

    One of the best paying jobs I have ever worked as an engineer was after my department (and by extension yours truly) was let go for being "redundant and expendable". They then brought me back, less than 48 hours later, under a very lucrative contract as a private consultant.
  9. Petition Against The 'Supra' Badge

    Please stop slaying us with your indefatigable wisdom.
  10. Petition Against The 'Supra' Badge

    Guess I'm Nobody. A two-seater is a big plus for me.
  11. Petition Against The 'Supra' Badge

    Holy sh*t, I just realized you're the dude who wrote this petition in the first place
  12. Official NITRO YELLOW Supra Club Thread

    Brave man, surfing the net without an adblocker.
  13. Modified A90 Supra Thread

    ...and the tires would rub. I wonder if they'll complete the photoshop trifecta by adding a front fascia that would disable the parking sensors and the active cruise control.
  14. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    Don't complain, the internet gets nearly 47% of it's power from incorrect info (the rest coming from unsubstantiated rumors). It's one of the few renewable and sustainable sources of energy we have we have on this planet.
  15. U.S. Supra Ordering: Pricing and Availability Details! Have You Ordered?

    :dunno: This would not be a valid contract in the state I live in. By some state laws, car dealerships can only take deposits against a signed and binding sales contract. The only way they can write up a sales contract is with a VIN (and in some cases a finite price). So far, no VINs have been...
  16. Official NITRO YELLOW Supra Club Thread

    No. Even if it were, most car makers lock out the yellow exterior/red interior color combination. I think it's to protect owners from buying a Ronald McDonald mobile.
  17. 2020 Toyota GR Supra Photoshop Thread (based on production car)

    That looks like a Supra that's been ass-ended by a Hyundai Veloster...
  18. The Development Story of the MKV Supra

    I don't know man, YouTube is already pretty saturated with makeup tutorial channels...
  19. 2020 Toyota GR Supra Photoshop Thread (based on production car)

    I'm not a fan of plastic engine covers, but I think this small change makes it look somewhat better. What do you guys think?
  20. Official DOWNSHIFT BLUE Supra Club Thread

    This can happen sometimes when using a polarized filter to photograph items that have been dyed black.