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  1. Toyota Supra, Ruined by Bump Steer?!?!

    a Japanese pro driver describes it at 22:17 he's a pro driver so i guess pinpointing that the "rear brakes had been activated" is accurate. he then does a "tail wagging the dog" kinda motion, quite like how motor trend described it. Seems like a traction control/brake vectoring issue (as in a...
  2. Toyota Supra, Ruined by Bump Steer?!?!

    I'll need to see the toe curve to be convinced that bumpster is the culprit. JackieDing posted a story on his Instagram that his shop is measuring it, i hope he publishes the whole thing. because; its a 5 way multilink, everything affects everything when the 5 arms are moving. Keep in mind that...
  3. Rear support brace from the Z4?

    not sure if am seeing this correctly, but seems like It connects to the lower trunk area rather than the subframe, so I imply it's there to increase the convertible's bending rigidity; rendering less rattles and squeaks from the trunk I guess. the supra has a fat roof, so It doesn't need that...
  4. Front sway bar, rear sway bar: which to add first?

    If I may ask, Why do you want them? If your goal is to reduce roll, use higher spring rates and shocks valved correctly for that rates, that's the actual way to reduce roll. Sway bars should only be used as "seasoning" for the final tune of the suspension behaviour. Sway bars are "a see-saw"...
  5. Whiteline Front Sway Bar

    Any idea what's the bar rates for each hole? Or even just how much stiffer% each hole is vs stock?
  6. A Deep Dive into the Supra’s Suspension

    This is FANTASTIC!! Glad Toyota/BMW opted for a 1:1 motion ratio on the rear sway bars.
  7. Papadakis Racing 1000 HP Supra Engine Dyno Run!

    On the heavy side, by design. Since they build around FormulaD regulations and with that power level they need wide tires. e.g. 295mm, requires 3000-3100 lbs according to FDs tire rules. Dunno how heavy is this build, tbh. But Dai Yoshiharas BRZ was *heavier* than the stock BRZ for the same...
  8. 2021 Suspension Changes

    IIRC, the GazooRacing development pro driver didn't like how the car understeered at the limit with the braces on. If I understood Tada-san correctly, It's not that they're needed from a torsional rigidity pov, rather it would create more rigid front bias vs the rear with the current...
  9. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing to commence sales of GR Supra GT4 in March 2020

    living with the Getrag DCT in my evo x, with all the ups and downs, the notchiness and "recommendations" how to take care of it in them getrag technical documentation...i would take the slower, but bulletproof ZF8 for a daily supra tbh. i'm not saying that the ZF DCT would have the same...
  10. Papadakis Racing 1000 HP Supra Engine Dyno Run!

    this is Fantastic!
  11. TRD GR Supra 3000GT Concept - SEMA 2019

    interesting side mirrors.... is that a beta buffeting fix :p
  12. Heritage Edition Supra - SEMA 2019

    Those rear retro taillights look right outta ebay .... What got me super pumped is the rear pushrod suspension, fricken insane!
  13. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    it's not about "lying" or anything of such. Manufacturers advertise the SAE numbers, and SAE basically heats soaks the car, dyno'ing it multiple times, gradually, then converges onto an HP/TQ figure. In other words, the C8 puts out 495HP at the worst-case scenario I imply this is the case with...
  14. MotorTrend - 2020 BMW Z4 M40i vs. 2020 Toyota Supra: Brothers From Other Mothers

    Z4 is "sportier" ?? is he trying to say its "stiffer" sprung? because i think it is so, given than it has less rigidity rendered by the chopped roof. am also surprised that the Z4 has a different steering rack!
  15. Will 20X10.5 work on the front?

    the GT4 Supra Race car runs 18x11 315mm Slicks all around. The front has more camber than stock though, at least -3 degrees.
  16. 2020 Litchfield Tuned Supra vs Mustang GT - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST (Carwow)

    don't know why people force themselves to look "dumb", both dorks are so cringeworthy
  17. TRD GR Supra 3000GT Concept - SEMA 2019

    GRMN A90, is that you?
  18. 2020 Mirai

    i like it! regardless of it being a FCEV or not