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  1. Brake Pad Discussion - Don't take R1 Ceramic to track day!

    Try Hawk HPS. I heard it's very compatible to stock but won't make those grooves like stock pad does on track.
  2. Track Day Tire Chat

    I have open chat as well.
  3. ► APEX 18x10 ET30 Technical Notes: Tire Fitment and More

    Hi. Tom. What would be recommended tire pressure for regular street driving on 18" wheels? the reason I ask this, recently I had a student (on track) who brought 2.0. So I had closer look at the car which had 18" stock rim and door panel indicated 34 psi to my surprise. I thought this would...
  4. 2021 F1 season prediction Challenge! - With Prize From APEX Race Parts!

    this week's challenge. i'm sure we did this before... will Bottas finish ahead of Perrez? love the one time livery of RB but i will go /w bottas! :D Sad that this is not Suzuka... :(
  5. Brake dust from stock pads

    From my track experience, you will lose about 20ft on 100 mph to 60 mph during hard braking. see below although the discussion is more oriented for track day. I psudo-ceramic coated my new wheels and...
  6. My Pewter Supra Build Log

    Adding PIAA sports Horn.
  7. Replacing Horn with PIAA sports Horn

    Clown horn on Supra is... Weak... to say it in a nice way. it sounds like a clown horn and a modern bicycle horn might sound better. One main factor contributing to this is because it is a single horn design that produces monotonic frequency which is identical to a clown horn. So I decided...
  8. 2021 F1 season prediction Challenge! - With Prize From APEX Race Parts!

    He will learn and grow. if he pitted 1 lap before Hamilton, he probably had better chance of winning than as same lap. But that would've put him behind Hamilton with more than 20 seconds gap when he came out and probably worried that Hamilton would've not pit. Hard place to be in lead to make...
  9. 2021 F1 season prediction Challenge! - With Prize From APEX Race Parts!

    no change on standing. since only 7 races left, I thought I do the graph again. Congrats to Hamilton on 100th win!
  10. Alignment issues after installing H&R spring+new wheel/tire

    your alignment shop should be able to center the steering wheel if necessary.
  11. Front Camber adjustment

    like others said, no direct adjustment to front camber. but you could adjust very minimal amount by changing toe. as I understand, when toe is 0, camber is -1.8.
  12. ► Official APEX Wheels Showroom Gallery Thread

    Just for reference, this is how it may look /w 5mm spacer. it's /w SM-10 18x10 ET30, Pirelli p zero 285 35 18, & 5mm spacer in front only.
  13. 2021 F1 season prediction Challenge! - With Prize From APEX Race Parts!

    Great Qualifying Session! Good to see new generation drivers occupying front rows. I feel this will be familiar scene in few years. perhaps sooner than I think.
  14. 2021 F1 season prediction Challenge! - With Prize From APEX Race Parts!

    This week's challenge. Mr. "to whom it may concern, f'u." has been dominant in Sochi for many years. Will he, again, dominate in Sochi? Will he finish Top 3? due to inclining weather, and his track record in such weather has not been stellar this year.. so I'm guessing he may not finish 1st...
  15. ► APEX | Strong, Lightweight, Forged & Flow Formed Wheels For Your GR Supra

    hi. Tom. yes. please. as you know, i have 285 35 18 in front and I needed 5mm spacer although guide had stated that 285 would fit as alternative. thanks!
  16. My Pewter Supra Build Log

    Else than what @SD_MK said, if you have to remove any panel, search for how to remove it and take time, don't rush.
  17. square oem 19 track setup ?

    please read posts in this thread.
  18. White Smokescreen (Common Issue?)

    It was based on what you said previously.
  19. White Smokescreen (Common Issue?)

    Smoke from right side indicates that you were on Sports mode - assuming smoke is from path between engine and tail pipe. Smell and color of the smoke is clue to what is burning, oil or coolant or both. if it smells like oil, just make sure oil level is not over the limit. if it smells like...