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  1. Dealer Bricked My ECU

    Ouch. That's going to be one expensive mistake. Can't imagine how they're going to reprogram modules and whatnot.
  2. Stock rear tire life expectancy?

    I got around 8k out of them. I got a flat towards the end, but the rears were almost at the wear bars anyways <1k miles for sure. Current tires aren't doing that well for the below reason:
  3. Not vs. but... who is coming from S2000 World?

    I don’t know anyone with an AP1, but I bet the 9000 RPM redline is pretty entertaining.
  4. Not vs. but... who is coming from S2000 World?

    I'm considering buying a AP2. I'm usually a Miata guy (owned 6 of those), but the allure of the S2K is undeniable. I drove my buddy's very clean Suzuka blue AP2, and I was impressed how nimble the car feels and how amazing the N/A feel is. I love winding out the motor along with the induction...
  5. BMW m2cs vs Toyota Supra (2021)

    You do make an interesting point about the value of ICE cars. I have been curious what will happen to them once gas stations become a thing of the past...
  6. BMW m2cs vs Toyota Supra (2021)

    Definite no from me. I don't even mind the looks anymore, but the car is just so big. I much prefer the smaller feel of the F22/F87. I know weight is not very different, but the G20's just feel huge (my mother has a G20 M340i I have driven several thousand miles, still feel it is too big).
  7. BMW m2cs vs Toyota Supra (2021)

    I used to have a F80 M3 and ALMOST bought a M2 Comp with a manual. I think if given the option for a CS in manual, I would take it without a second thought. I really miss driving manual lol. Also, the CS is rare. I am certain it will someday be a collector's car.
  8. Hr springs bouncing

    Bouncing? My car on those springs occasionally hit the bump stops but it never undulated.
  9. Everything missing from the HKS×TONE TOOL SET for GR Supra

    Pretty sure it's meant almost solely as a flex.
  10. The Cicada Thread

    Can I eat this one, too?
  11. The Cicada Thread

  12. The Cicada Thread

    Are they? I can't imagine they are particularly... palatable...
  13. The Cicada Thread

    I have a biology degree. Still hate cicadas lol.
  14. CTS Turbo Intake

    Looking like around $32.
  15. H&R Supra Lowering Springs

    It’s 1 inch in the front and .75 inches in the rear.
  16. Tempted to sell my car

    I sold my MK7 Golf to them. Was smooth and hassle-free for the most part.
  17. CTS Turbo Intake

    Let me check tomorrow and I’ll get back to you.
  18. CTS Turbo Intake

    Hello! I am selling the intake off of my Supra. It is a CTS Turbo variant. It sounds excellent and has not had heat-soaking issues. It has less than 1000 miles and was only removed prior to warranty work at the dealership. I am offering it for $150 local pickup or $180 shipped OBO! I will...