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  1. Favorite Local Roads?

    When we lived in Maryville, TN, without question US 129.
  2. 2.0 trade in value??

    I traded for 43K.
  3. Signing Off

    Mazda dealer has Supra 2.0 priced at $45,999.
  4. Signing Off

    '21 2.0, 2,700 miles, perfect condition, gray, safety and navigation package. Within a few hundred of what I paid with discount excluding tax on original purchase.
  5. Signing Off

    Couldn't wait any longer. Traded the Supra for an MX-5 RF GT. I have a need to shift while I still can. Outstanding trade $43,000 for the Supra. Vroom offered $41,000.
  6. Post a pic of your first car.

    '56 Crown Vic. Then a '58 Impala. My grandfather purchased new cars for me until I married.
  7. Official Supra Owner's Age Thread

    Yes, ears do get longer as you age.
  8. Official Supra Owner's Age Thread

    Now are we going from age to credit score?
  9. Official Supra Owner's Age Thread

    Widower, 79 next month. But I'm dating a 73 year old.
  10. Toyota Reveals SEMA Build GR Supra Sport Top

    I had an 89 MK3 with targa roof. It was the second worst auto I had for "torking". The worst was a 2002 Tbird.
  11. What do you think of the Miata?

    I had a British Racing Green 1990 numbered special edition. Only car I paid over MSRP. Kept it for 10 years and traded for an Audi TT. I really wish I still had both.
  12. Ever have someone lean on your car?

    I haven't checked yet, but when you shift to park and turn off the engine do the doors unlock? I have my XT4 set so that the doors remain locked until I pull the interior door pull twice.
  13. Removing Front & Back Toyota Emblem

    I always use dental floss.
  14. No license plate yet after 8 weeks.

    Got mine in three weeks. No loan on car and a small county where you are always taken care of.
  15. What is everyone's Daily Driver/ Other car?

    Waiting on it. '23 Lyriq on order.
  16. Did I get ripped off on extended warranty?

    When I was living in Florida with a 2002 T-Bird you could not negotiate the extended warranty price. I, of course, waited 'til just prior to my factory warranty expiring and buying the Ford extended warranty from a Georgia dealer for 30% of what the Florida Ford dealers wanted. Kept the car for...
  17. This may be a silly question, but...

    Mine came in a fake leather pouch.
  18. Do you regret buying your 2.0?

    No regrets at all. Money well spent. A good 2nd car. As much fun to drive as a Miata.
  19. Picked up my 2021 Supra 2.0 but had problem

    As mush fun as the original Miata.
  20. Picked up my 2021 Supra 2.0 but had problem

    She traded in a Prius.