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  1. Throttle hesitation

    Hey guys, I have moved on from the Supra, but watchin this video brings it all back again with throttle hesitation. Yup, definitely software and you can see the lag/hesitation in the lower rpm and then the tacho/needle goes crazy towards top end. This was exactly what I recall when I...
  2. BMW m2cs vs Toyota Supra (2021)

    @Xxyion Will wait for xxyion comment about first to second gear crunch manual not smooth bmw. But I've moved to a manual now and prefer the full control over the zf auto. Others may prefer the lighter package of supra setup. The new M2 will be more of the same and unless the manual is...
  3. Throttle hesitation

    I've sold my supra as well. Looking back, there is too much variability in terms of throttle response with this car with sometimes too much and then none at all. When I was rolling and coming up to a set of lights about a month ago with cars stopped and took the outside lane and floored it...
  4. The all-new BMW 2 Series Coupé (G42)

    If that is legit, what a shocker. :rolleyes:o_O
  5. Shipping spacers not being removed?

    Shocking 🤯 to see this. I've moved on since and sold my supra. The stiffened front end took the joy away from what this car was for 10 months. Wishing all supra owners the best.
  6. Wireless phone charger cradle

    A toyota part.. Rare :thumbsup:
  7. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    @Babayaga Supra On behalf of forum, thank you for the videos.
  8. New Nissan Z Proto looks to the future, inspired by its past / 2022 Nissan Z Leaked with Specs

    Is it me or are car door frames becoming shorter? Looks like I'll hit my head even moreso with the Nissan. :oops:
  9. Redesigned 2022 WRX Premiere Teased

    Here it is:
  10. Redesigned 2022 WRX Premiere Teased

    Yeah ..... Surely, this cannot be it. Those front brakes look ridiculous. Sigh.. 😥
  11. Redesigned 2022 WRX Premiere Teased

    Started with a ''99 sti gc8 and hoping this wrx is the next best thing. Fingers 🤞
  12. How Do I Burnout in My Supra?

    Best Supra burnout!!!! :headbang:
  13. "THE PITCH"... Way to go Toyota!!

    Who else but.... Papadakis racing. Brilliant. :thumbsup:
  14. Cool GR Supra commercial

    This pitch is more about Oldies v noobies advertising consultants Sadly, the Supra is secondary.
  15. Fullscreen Apple Carplay

    Man how I wish Toyota would make an offer to this guy and make it available to all global supra owners.
  16. What's the longest road trip you've taken in Supra?

    Stunning! What a trip. :beer: Any photos?
  17. Gretta fights back

    How dare you...
  18. Toyota Launches Exclusive GR Supra A91-CF Edition for 2022

    One thing I have come to realise with dual company car partnership development is that once the product is made, then forget any real updates annually. It is strange to think this but it seems the contract between bmw and toyoda on the Supra is limited to only what BMW sells to toyoda and then...