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  1. What is everyone's Daily Driver/ Other car?

    Picked up a Subaru Outback 3.6R for a daily after getting rid of the 335i xdrive for the Supra.
  2. White Smokescreen (Common Issue?)

    I am having the same experience. Only happens when coming to a stop, very noticeable cloud. Gone after 5-8 seconds. JB4 custom map, e30, catless dp and single exit tomei. Typically happens after a longer normal cruise, and seems to be tied to a extended burble, however its extremely...
  3. 2021 Toyota Supra jb4 map5 log cause issue.

    I disagree, Map 3 was absolute hot garbage. Slowed the car down 5 mph in the 1/4, lost all timing, saw 27.7psi of boost. Was a 1 and done map. But I imagine every single car is going to a little different. Custom with dabears now
  4. First passes in my stock 21

    100% going to be keeping an eye on the weather for the rest of the year at this track and Norwalk to get more passes in. I was extremely happy to get a 12.0 on only my 2nd pass. I have a downpipe to throw on, but holding off for now.
  5. First passes in my stock 21

    Its either gonna have problems or it isn't. Rather not wait to find out.
  6. First passes in my stock 21

    Went to the local track with some buddies tonight. Unfortunately it was really busy so only was able to make 2 passes. Only mods are cosmetic. Stock wheels and tires, 980 miles. DA was around 2300. Front tires were at 44psi, dropped rears to 27. First pass I had performance traction on, in...
  7. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    Im about to cancel my JB4 order, but not sure I want to wait the rest of the summer for a maybe.
  8. My New Exhaust Setup: Boostin Performance 4in Single Exit

    Im going to be lowered on RSR superdowns so that makes me way more nervous. Plenty of time to decide still. Want to get this catless downpipe first.
  9. My New Exhaust Setup: Boostin Performance 4in Single Exit

    I loved how this sounded as well in the clips, but how low it looked in pictures, and your comment about it scraping at stock height has me really nervous, but it sounds so dang good. Sounds amazing!
  10. Tuning Locked ECU's Post 6/2020

    So uh, what size & color?