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  1. Keeping those wheels clean!

    After 3 weeks and about 300+ miles, wheels are still clean! There’s still some minor brake dust but significantly less than the factory metallic pads.
  2. GTA Dealership with Supra Mechanic

    IMO I would skip the Toyota dealership for service unless its a warranty issue. They may be trained but not necessarily experienced given the short time span the Supra has been on the market. Search the forums and you will find hits and misses. If you would like, PM me and I’ll refer you to my...
  3. Whatsapp Group for GTA/Ontario

    Why not just post here
  4. Sightings Thread

    Nocturnal driving southbound on Islington & QEW yesterday evening. We both turned to check out each other's ride. My wife rolled her eyes because she doesn't get it.
  5. car feels very floaty past 70mph after alignment

    If you upgraded the rears to 305, did you upgrade the fronts? If not, that may be your clue.
  6. car feels very floaty past 70mph after alignment

    Your alignment is set close to factory specs. Keep in mind the specs references total toe-in, not each side. So total toe-in of 0.23 would represent 0.125 each side. If you want more straight line stability add slightly more toe-in on the rears. Ive seen some members with 0.20 toe-in each side.
  7. Spring install: non-reusable bolts?

    My mechanic re-used the same bolts torqued to spec. Maybe another member can explain, but I dont see the logic using new ones.
  8. Where to buy lowering springs?

    Looks good. Have the rears settled yet?
  9. Rexspeed Duckbill Spoiler “Defect?”

    That sucks. I was going to order a Rexpeed spoiler from Speed Industry but now Im reconsidering. Rexpeed is a forum member so hopefully they come across your thread and help make things right. Im in the tech industry that sells software/hardware products but ultimately the product we are...
  10. Keeping those wheels clean!

    The brake dust was driving me nuts. I found myself washing the wheels in between car washes. I Installed the Z23 fronts and Z16 rears and now Im a solid believer. Brake feel and stopping power seems identical to the metallic pads, if not a bit more linear. No squeal. Cant speak to track results...
  11. 2020 Red 3.0 Supra Clear Coat Peeling Off On Bumper

    Seems like the car may have been repainted by one of those low-cost mobile paint and dent specialists.
  12. BMW m2cs vs Toyota Supra (2021)

    Latest gen F87 M2 is getting old…going on 6 years(?). CS models are the last bow before they introduce a new model. If you want the latest and greatest toy, it may be counter productive. IMO stick with the Supra until the new M2/S58 goes on sale. That is a big enough differentiator for me.
  13. Whatsapp Group for GTA/Ontario

    What if you don't use Zucksapp?
  14. Warranty issue- vibration 2021 Supra

    I feel the same vibrations from time to time. It’s as if the lane assist is buggy and activating at a barely noticeable setting.
  15. My worst nightmare… cover your sh*t!

    Passing dump trucks always gives me anxiety. What do you do - gain speed and fly by them and risk your hood being hit by a rock with greater velocity? Or, hang back and drive like gramma. The PPF has already saved the hood and headlights from huge rock chips. The low slung hood has a big...
  16. Swift Springs experience

    It’s possible my set was manufactured and shipped with the silencers improperly placed and only needing adjustment.
  17. car feels very floaty past 70mph after alignment

    If you're in the right lane the vehicle will always drift to the right due to the grade sloping to the right. This is amplified with performance tires.
  18. car feels very floaty past 70mph after alignment

    It is counter-intuitive but toe-in is positive and toe-out is negative so your specs look okay. A rwd car pushes the front tires. Rolling resistance causes the tires to push back against the suspension. So, rwd vehicles use toe-in settings to offset this movement. More toe-in will reduce...
  19. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Liking them Works 👍🏻 Size and specs?