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  1. SCCA AX classing - unintended consequence?

    The Supra isn’t currently classed in street touring but there is a proposed new class SST that has been in the scca fastrack info the last few months hopefully it will be a class for next year.
  2. Alignment on stock suspension question

    When I did my auto x setup I put it on the drive on hoist did my initial check and had -1.6 LF and -1.7 Rf Camber I then loosened all the suspension bolts (on a drive on hoist with the car sitting at ride height) bounced it a couple of times torqued everything and re did the alignment and ended...
  3. First weekend of auto cross 2021 Supra Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

    Slowly getting more comfortable with the car I’m coming from an 18 Camaro SS 1LE and I’ve always driven manuals so the gear selection/changing took some getting used to plus it handles quite a bit differently. This was my second event with the car and I ended up second place raw time to a...
  4. First weekend of auto cross 2021 Supra Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

    The tires are great I like the grip level where it’s at currently, it hooks up well yet can still be pushed into some oversteer easily. I ran it with out the bar and then with it in the middle setting. Iat realty noticeable on our technical and tight courses (due to the narrow runway we use) I...
  5. First weekend of auto cross 2021 Supra Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

    Here is a video of my fastest (3rd) run in the Supra this weekend. still getting used to the car, I came from a 2018 camaro SS 1LE and love the Supra so far. mods are Eibach front sway bar 275/35r19 Bridgestone RE71 on stock wheels Fresh alignment Castrol SRF First oil change with motul...
  6. square oem 19 track setup ?

    Are you talking mounting a rear wheel on the front with a 275 tire or a 275 on a stock front wheel?
  7. FS: Eibach front sway bar brand new

    How much shipped to Canada R2V 4J7
  8. 5X112 - 5x120 Adaptors?

    I've noticed there are some options for 5x112 - 5x114.3 Adaptors anyone know of any companies making 5x112 - 5x120 adaptors or whether this may become an option? Thanks!
  9. Auto-X what tire sizes on stock wheels?

    I'm leaning towards the 275/35r19 front and 295/35r19 rear since i'll be sticking with the stock wheels I don't want to pinch 305s too much I've had issues in the past with going that wide and losing some of the feeling from the tires. front sway bar is on order car should be here in a couple...
  10. Auto-X what tire sizes on stock wheels?

    What have people run on the stock wheels for Auto-X I'm looking at either the Falken RT660 or the Bridgestone RE71R for this upcoming season. Last year I ran the RT660 on my 2018 Camaro SS 1LE and was pretty happy with them overall. It looks like there are a few options to run the RT660s but...