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  1. Anyone running Michelin Pilot Sport AS 4?

    I had positive experiences with the Pilot Sport AS 3+ on my 370Z for cold weather driving, is anyone running the newer AS 4 version on their Supra? Would love to hear opinions. I daily my car so I'll be driving it in the colder winter weather in WA. No plans to try driving it in the snow though...
  2. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Successfully followed the awesome guide here and added port vents to the subwoofer enclosure! Noticeable sound quality improvement.
  3. How to Improve OE Sub Bass Quality and Eliminate Vibrations

    Question about the dynamat on the trunk floor: it sounded like this reduced road noise (hurray!), but I am curious if it makes it harder to hear the stock exhaust?
  4. How to Improve OE Sub Bass Quality and Eliminate Vibrations

    I did it! Thanks for the awesome guide and for answering questions. Definitely sounds noticeably better too. Attaching some extra photos I took while progress:
  5. How to Improve OE Sub Bass Quality and Eliminate Vibrations

    For the speaker wadding, cut with the template: which side goes up/down? Like it gets folded into a box shape, do you leave the top open, or bottom open once you get it into the enclosure?
  6. AMS Wind Buffeting Kit - Noise with windows up?

    I removed my AMS kit a week ago as I wanted to adjust it since I didn't do a perfect job lining it up. Also going to use thinner and (hopefully) better positioned 3M tape that won't be visible at all from the outside at certain angles. What I found after removing is I still get the same "wind...
  7. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Old pic from weeks ago, but installed the Verus master cylinder brace.
  8. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Looks great, love it. So tempting... but I am kind of afraid of the install process. Did the middle lower textured part come with it or is that some other piece?
  9. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Is the black reflectors an overlay or replacement?
  10. Dealer Bricked My ECU

    Clown school.
  11. Rear Subwoofer RATTLE near Child Seat Anchor behind passenger seat

    Also, if you want to just fix the vibrations from the panel with the child seat anchor, here is a 30 second fix: just put some foam padding in the gap between it and the lower panel to tighten it up.
  12. Summer Meet n’ Cruise (Sept)

    Awesome pics, looks like a good turnout! Sad I didn't make it - unfortunately my Sunday did not go as planned :dunno:
  13. Brake Pad Discussion - Don't take R1 Ceramic to track day!

    @Loco38SUP you are running Z16 pads right? Have you noticed this level of difference vs stock? I realize this is a track thread, but the difference described here seems like it would be pretty tangible on the street too.
  14. BimmerTech Front View Camera Retrofit for Supra?

    Definitely interested to find out if this works or not
  15. Splash Guards

    I had the exact same issues. Front plastic rivets wouldn't go in, tried tiny taps and all. Rear holes didn't line up correctly and I had to drill them out larger.
  16. What Don't You Like About Your New Supra?

    For better or worse, I've gotten used to just using mirrors and trusting the blind spot monitors. Hoping that doesn't bite me eventually if they aren't reliable. I do still sometimes check the passenger side window out of habit though.
  17. NHTSA Recalls (Aug 3, 2021) - Remedy Available

    I don't think so, I seem to only get them with a destination. I think that is really a Waze CarPlay issue and not related to the car. I don't have any other cars with CarPlay though so I can't really compare.
  18. Part number for OEM A91 stripes

    Does anyone know if creasing / bending the stripes permanently damages them? I ordered these a while back (OEM) and they came folded in a cardboard envelope. I straightened them out but looks like they have a sort of crease now. Anyone know if that will go away upon application or maybe if I...
  19. Visual Comparison: Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    I am curious why people seem to sometimes prefer this spot - isn't it harder to actually look at the navigation the farther down it is from the windshield? Feels like you're taking your eyes off the road more. Regardless, I really wish the HUD in the Supra worked with navigation via CarPlay...
  20. opinion: B48 vs B58 vs X ?

    I find it silly some 3.0 owners go out of their way to shit on the 2.0 owners, seems childish. There is more to a car than 0-60, and if you don't actually *care* about that extra power, why pay for it? On the flip side, there is nothing wrong with wanting the best version of something based on...