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  1. Powder coating calipers?

    I just removed them from the car and shipped them to Sleek Coating. They did the disassembly, coating, and then a full rebuild with OEM parts (in stock, thankfully) before shipping them back within a week or so. A phenomenal job and they even had a core set of calipers to coat and ship to me, so...
  2. Out of State Car Purchase & Registration

    I've purchased many vehicles out of state, including my Supra (I live in Virginia, I purchased it in Connecticut, and I registered it in Florida because I'm a military dependent, haha). And this was during the beginning of COVID, so yes, the process was delayed, but no one ever pulled me over on...
  3. Worst Dealership Experience Ever

    I test drove a yellow 2020 locally in Virginia. But I wanted a black Launch Edition, so I found her online in Connecticut with 3 miles on the odometer. Overnighted the paperwork and flew up the next day. Drove 500 miles home :)
  4. Worst Dealership Experience Ever

    I bought it for $8,000 OTD. Very fun car aside from those damn manual crank windows, haha
  5. Interior Mods for Maximizing Space?

    I wrapped it around the rear strut bar and clipped underneath For the bottom strap, you can use the child latches or - I got a couple of those wall mount hangers (that use double sided tape) with a hook to wrap the cord around
  6. Worst Dealership Experience Ever

    "People like you" ahahahaha. When I was in my early 20's, I went to check out an SRT4 that I was already mentally committed to buying because the price was a steal. As I was looking it over and making sure the price wasn't reflecting a major hidden issue, the salesman was trying to sell me on...
  7. Worst Dealership Experience Ever

    I commend you for walking out and figuratively telling them to shove it up their ass. I've been in a similar position several times where I decided to walk out and hopefully teach someone a lesson. Not sure if they learned it or not, but I still feel good about not giving my money to liars. I...
  8. removing gauge cluster

    Why are you removing it?
  9. How do you display your car number?

    I bought myself a nice set of magnet numbers for Christmas 3 months before I bought the car. I was soooooo mad when I found out they were now fucking useless, lol. So I bought a vinyl cutter.
  10. Thoughts and Opinions On Stickers/Decals

    In the past, I only ran company stickers if they were required in a sponsorship contract. Now I just decline sponsorships. I used to think the Instagram handle was stupid, but I own a business and its a decent marketing idea so 🤷‍♀️
  11. Interior Mods for Maximizing Space?

    Picked these up, really nice quality for the price and I love the extra cup holders. Fits nice and snug Amazon 2-pack car seat storage pocket organizer
  12. Aftermarket Steering Wheels...

    They buy cores from wrecked cars, or people that already upgraded their steering wheel
  13. How much did you pay to tint your windows?

    True. But I heard that tint is no longer a primary reason to pull someone over anymore, so I try not to give them any other excuse to pull me over so they can't add my tint to the ticket, lol
  14. Pedal Commander

    My husband did it and said it's barely noticeable. :dunno: But for anyone considering stacking the Pedal Commander on a tuned car, just make sure the throttle response within the tune is set to factory response. Adjusting it in the tune and adding the adjustment from the PC is going to throw a CEL.
  15. How much did you pay to tint your windows?

    I've had super illegal tint on my daily-driven cars for the past 10 years and I've never been pulled over for it. But if I ever pull up next to a cop at a light, I roll my windows down just in case, haha
  16. Interior Mods for Maximizing Space?

    Links to the nets you bought? Those look really convenient
  17. Pedal Commander

    I think the last update in Bimmercode I saw was for a "Sport Plus" feature option? I didn't pay too much attention to it because I think our gas pedal is already touchy from the factory. But it can also be adjusted with a tune.
  18. Aftermarket Steering Wheels...

    I ordered mine in December and got it in February, right around the 7-8 week mark as they promised. Quality is top-notch, so the wait is worth it.
  19. Virginia meet up

    Because C&C is too damn early, lol