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  1. SupraMKV2.0 Build Thread

    You ain’t kidding…the keychain is Killer :cool:
  2. SupraMKV2.0 Build Thread

    Quite possibly the easiest install I've ever done. I opted for the wrinkle black metal top Armaspeed intake system. This version still comes with a carbon fiber intake tube and metal surround...The only difference between the three versions is the style top (ie; Std. carbon fiber, forged carbon...
  3. SupraMKV2.0 Build Thread

    Received in my new Armaspeed intake for the 2.0. I’ll try to install it this weekend and give my initial impressions and feedback. The item shipped directly from Armaspeed in Taiwan and showed up to my office incredibly fast and packaged very well.
  4. Armaspeed Supra A90 MKV 2.0 CARBON FIBER COLD AIR INTAKE

    @ARMASPEED Just ordered your new 2.0 Supra intake. Please keep me informed on status updates. Thanks!
  5. Armaspeed Supra A90 MKV 2.0 CARBON FIBER COLD AIR INTAKE

    I'll take one...What is the current lead-time on the standard carbon fiber version?
  6. Available Performance Parts for the 2021 2.0L Supra (US Market)

    Armaspeed will be releasing an all carbon fiber intake system for the 2.0 within the next couple of weeks.
  7. A Legend Returns: New Acura Integra Coming for a New Generation

    It’s obviously based off that new ugly ass Honda Civic. I don’t need to see the unveiled version to know they effed it up. Another missed opportunity in the automotive world…
  8. New WRX Drops tomorrow.

    It’s hideous and it looks like a sedan version of the Crosstrek. I’d choose any of its competition over it.
  9. New WRX Drops tomorrow.

    More of the same…
  10. Function Werk Catless DP CEL

    My CEL has never come on to date. I have probably 7000 miles with the FW Catless DP installed. That’s all styles of driving including a few track days and one day at the drag strip. So far the DP has worked as advertised.
  11. Reactions, Comments, Attention, Fun & Embarrassing Stories with your new Supra

    That gif you posted is devastating LOL! 😂 That dude whooped his own ass in under two seconds.
  12. Stock Wheels 2020 Supra

    That's a pretty stellar deal for a set of 19" forged wheels.
  13. 2.0 Supra 1/4 Mile Times

    Without a doubt it's not maximizing the potential without tuning. It's still removing restriction and allowing the little turbo to spool very quickly. It also helps the car up top where the 2.0 typically falls on it's face.
  14. 2.0 Supra 1/4 Mile Times

    Post your VERIFIED time slips below for your 2.0 Supra. Brother in-law and myself went to the drag strip this morning to get some time-slips on the 2.0 Supra and his IS38 swapped GLI 35th Anniversary Edition. I was pretty pleased with how the 2.0 Supra did for basically being stock. Track...
  15. Just a pic of my cars.

    No pics of them all together
  16. SupraMKV2.0 Build Thread

    I have spacers on mine. They are Burger Motorsports 13mm in the front and 15mm in the rear.
  17. How can I safely add 30-50hp to my 2.0?

    How long have you been waiting for your downpipe?...seems like it’s been taking forever.
  18. 2021 OEM Wheels - $575

    Pretty stellar deal!
  19. 1994 Toyota Supra Blacklisted by NHTSA (Proof?)

    I’m not sure this information is accurate, but I also haven’t done any research into it. There is a JDM Importer not far from my home and they have two 94 Supras on their lot. I’m assuming if they were “illegal” they wouldn’t have spent a hefty amount of coin bringing them into the US.
  20. Red liquid in airbox

    Filter was over oiled