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  1. 2021 Supra dynoed

    the sports displayed quite accurately engine power , matching the dyno dynamics value when i was the dyno with my bm3 tune e30 tune . was reading ~355kw engine power.
  2. Who did you use post brake recall to unlock DME?

    is there a remote unlock option ?
  3. REXPEED: Working Log for Dry Carbon Hood Vent Replacement.

    wouldn't water just pool inside the hood now ? or is there a drainage port ?
  4. New style carbon fiber A90 spoiler! Thoughts?

    remind's me of batman's hood from certain angles
  5. Can anyone recommend suitable engine oil for Ozzie conditions?

    Just installed the mishimoto catch can kit today and decided to change the oil and oil filter whilst we were at it. When i inquired about a oil filter via the toyota dealer where i bought the car they said they had none ! A quick search found a toyota dealer with 2 in stock but the dealer was...
  6. Rob's Supra - Wagga Wagga, NSW

    Nope been using factory mats.
  7. Rob's Supra - Wagga Wagga, NSW

    from the looks of it , you've just used the LHD weathertech mats and put it on the RHD as the logo would be on the other side if it were a RHD version. as far as i can tell there are no RHD weathertech mats for the Supra.
  8. TE37 in A90 fitment

    can you run that wheel spec with stock suspension without rubbing?
  9. Rays Engineering spring sale !!

    Although I love te37s is there any option for this sizing in a ce28n ?
  10. Brake bleeding requires dealer?!

    that bleeds all the lines, but in the latest jackie ding video where he ends up in the grass on fire, they seem to indicate that u need to cycle the abs unit with software to bleed the abs unit. is that something we could do at home utilising eg bimmercode ?
  11. TE37 in A90 fitment

    those te37 saga looks great. does that bolt onto stock suspension without rubbing ? what size tyres ?
  12. Dealer Flash Update Lock

    Haven't been back to the dealer since I got the car last year. I'm due for a service soon, so it's almost pointless buying a tuning solution if the ecu is going to get locked out at the service when they do the ecu updates . I live on the other side of the world, no idea who can do a bench...
  13. Dealer Flash Update Lock

    So how do I know if my ecu is locked or not before I go buy a tuning solution and realise I can't flash it ?
  14. Oil Temperature

    What I don't understand is why the coolant temp is so high on this car even at minimal load cruising. It seems to be about 111C . In all the cars I've ever owned, coolant was only 85-95C with normal driving and driving at the track under load it would only be about 100C at most. Does this car...
  15. Limited power but no warnings?

    i'll remember to take it easy if and when i go out to QR. Did you do a check wheel alignment. early on there were some supra's misaligned from factory as well. see this
  16. Limited power but no warnings?

    What QR event was this ? I've been meaning to go out with the supra but have just been just too busy :(. at a guess it could be fuel because jackie ding did mention having to run a full tank to avoid cut out in 1 video. the other like you mentioned could be overheating
  17. Titan7’s Forged Wheels Master Thread - IN STOCK!

    will they be making a the street sizing of the 19s in 18in size ?
  18. What do you think is the best battery charger for the Supra?

    what mode should the battery charger be set as SLA ? or AGM ?
  19. Brake bleeding requires dealer?!

    if we are doing it the old fashion method of pumping the pedal and opening the bleeder, would there be still old brake fliud in the abs unit as it hasnt been cycled to bleed out ?
  20. Toyota Supra sets a 7:52 Lap Time at the Nürburgring

    7:40 Sounds entirely feasible on a set of cup2 tyres over the super sports . On standard 1min/lap tracks cup2's are about 1-1.5s faster per lap , so over a 8min lap that's somewhere between 8s-12s. Add a real pro driver in perfect weather conditions would drop a few seconds on top of that imo