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  1. New Nissan Z Proto looks to the future, inspired by its past

    That 'something' is probably the fact that it's built on a very old and outdated platform. What I'm worried about is how much this thing will weigh, the 370Z with a manual transmission and its bare bones interior. is already around the same weight as the Supra 3.0, which has an extremely rigid...
  2. Second generation Toyota GR86

    Have you never heard of horsepower per litre? That's specific output, you hang out on car forums and you don't even know something as simple as that? SMH.
  3. Second generation Toyota GR86

    I still find it hard to believe that the new engine in the next-gen car is going to have a lower specific output than the old engine in the current gen car.
  4. Second generation Toyota GR86 More details and renderings of the 2nd gen 86.
  5. Second generation Toyota GR86

    Just to remind you all, sometimes best car's renderings can quite off from the actual final product. For example, their 400Z rendering looked so different from the Z that was recently shown in that teaser of Nissan's future product that even just a glimpse of the actual Z you can tell that...
  6. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    Look at this Forbes article: RIDICULOUS. These so called "car enthusiasts" really think that the next generation Z is going to be some kind of godsend that can smash the Supra at a much more...
  7. Second generation Toyota GR86

    The vents on the front fenders and the side skirts remind me of the Lexus RC F, I like it:thumbsup:.
  8. Second generation Toyota GR86 Based on Subaru's new platform, but modified to suit RWD sports cars like 86 and BRZ...
  9. Second generation Toyota GR86

    IMO the big problems of the engine in the 86/BRZ is the way it feels and the torque curve rather than its specs. Based on Car and Drivers' tests of the 86 and the ND2 Miata, both of them have a quarter mile trap speed of 95mph, yet a standing quater mile run in an ND2 is much more enjoyable than...
  10. 2021 Supra 3.0 VS 2020 Supra Exhaust Comparison

    I actually like the 2021 over the 2020 model, not a fan of the pops, farts and crackles. Yo Guff, when will the embargo be lifted?
  11. Second generation Toyota GR86 There's higher chance now that the BRZ mule that was spotted awhile ago is a prototype for the...
  12. Scion FR-S / Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ

    A lightly tuned 86 lapping Tsukuba Circuit almost 4 seconds faster than a bone stock 86, and that's with the A/C turned on, no doubt it can go even faster with the A/C turned off, a more track focused suspension and wheel alignment setup and a set of stickier tyres like Yokohama A052s.
  13. Second generation Toyota GR86

    Is the current gen 86/BRZ going to have a roughly 10 year life cycle? I feel that the article by Autocar might just be a regurgitation of the rumours we've already heard of some time ago. I hope that's not the case. The current RWD TNGA platforms are designed for much bigger and heavier cars...
  14. Second generation Toyota GR86 The people running all those car websites still think this prototype is just a facelift lol. I mean who the hell would introduce a facelifted version of a car that is already this late into its lifecycle?
  15. Second generation Toyota GR86

    Can't they squeeze 100hp/litre out of an NA FA24? Basically Honda S2000 top end power but with much more low end and mid range torque.
  16. Second generation Toyota GR86

    Foreshadowing, @A70TTR ? ;)
  17. Second generation Toyota GR86

    @A70TTR the engine in the current 86/BRZ is quite a bad example of a high revving naturally aspirated engine, not hard for Toyota and Subaru to make another NA engine that's significantly improved over the current FA20 IMO.
  18. Second generation Toyota GR86

    I'm hoping for at least 250hp though.
  19. Toyota Supra VS BMW Z4 Drag Race, Rolling Race & Brake Test

    Toyota did say the ECU calibration for the engine and transmission is unique to the Supra, but almost no one on the Internet believed it and kept calling it "iT's JuSt A rEbAgGe Z4", and now those people can suck it. The slightly longer stopping distance when compared to the Z4 could be caused...
  20. First A90 Supra delivered in Germany

    Black looks very good too. Glad Jean Pierre is very happy with his new ride.