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  1. C8 Corvette Z06 revealed

    I have run with and inside some c8 at my home track. They are legit balanced and corner machines. The z06 will be on another planet
  2. Need people with Supras and other nice cars for a video idea!

    If 9 out of every 10 responses think you are an idiot and you ignore, Darwin is waiting to educate you just around the corner.
  3. Just install catless dp but no hp gain

    Whatever you are measuring hp is wrong is how
  4. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Spooky photos last night Spicy e85 for the track today Corded tires and went sideways
  5. Lotus Emira

    We are exact twins in thoughts.....
  6. Resetting rear brake pad warning light

    that is frustrating. I don't have an answer. Is the brake warning/error present still? When i let my brakes get down too low and tripped the wear sensor it was available to reset through diag mode (start 3 times) after i replaced both sensors If i don't have the warning active now I am not...
  7. Resetting rear brake pad warning light

    I found it in the menu Been a while but it’s there
  8. Oil change capacities for 3.0 liter.

    Did not know decimals at 6 i am afraid. Surprised you didn't know that
  9. What is everyone's Daily Driver/ Other car?

    Fall is my favorite season Been driving this old gal for last month or so and then in Nov switching to my f250 as daily
  10. Track Day Tire Chat

    i mean, ALWAYS keep an eye on the wear. If you know how to read it tells you a whole lot about your set up. I start cold air a lot lower than most are willing Since not a daily, I want max stick- don't care that I am destroying tires faster than my peers. I want and need more camber up front...
  11. Track Day Tire Chat

    For what is worth I have been cording tires well before they give up on heat cycles. But, i also do not daily or take trips in the car so the "hwy mild heat cycles" have not been counting against me. There is varying opinions on how much regular driving counts towards heat cycles. Doesn't...
  12. Track Day Tire Chat

    zero toe rear -.25 front
  13. Kansai Harness Bar

    Over kill. Your half way $$ to a half cage Stock alumn bar is barely structural. It has very thin pot metal one attachment point under trim. It is obvious why they rattle. Cusco uses much better triangle flange geometry and larger and one extra bolt on each side
  14. Kansai Harness Bar

    Yes I have a cheap Plastic trim tools.
  15. Kansai Harness Bar

    its stupid easy to install. Looks to have the exact same two bolts on each side that Cusco had. took me 20 mins and im no savant. Longest part for me was actually being careful removing the plastic trim carefully
  16. Track Day Tire Chat

    you made me want to try them sooner than I had planned.... Just bought the last 4 on the east coast apparently. lol EDIT: getting much cooler here in VA and although i plan on running some events in NOV do not know if current advans will make it. Doubt i will want to do much with SC3R...
  17. Track Day Tire Chat

    The regular Super Car 3 (non R) may be a perfect tire for folks with only an occasional track day and don't want to be replacing tires every other month like some us :( think they are 280-300 wear and they do last a whole lot longer and are plenty stiff if that is what you like. I have not-...
  18. Water Meth - Snow Vs AEM

    Anyone have issues with cyl 5 and 6 leaning out on meth? understood that the manifold does not distribute or well or evenly back there no meth for me