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  1. Second generation Toyota GR86

    Yea, I also heared GR86 is supposed to come to EU but they will show it latet than BRZ. But on sale till the end of 2021. Lets hope (:
  2. Second generation Toyota GR86

    After 400z disappointment with not-for-eu... tell me this one is comming to Europe. Pls, any1? :eek: @Guff ? :D Looks cool from the side.
  3. Is 86 more fun than the Supra?

    He is right, 86 engine is a ticking bomb. They are able to blow even driving normally on highway. On the other hand this inline 6 from BMW is bulletproof unless u push it very hard with tuning. I will take this engine over this Subaru crap any day of the week. Sure, the electronic gremlins on...
  4. New Nissan Z Proto looks to the future, inspired by its past

    GR86 render looks better than that Z there :D Any info about 86 from this issue, any1 knows? :) Since Z is not comming to EU I lost all interest in it...
  5. New Nissan Z Proto looks to the future, inspired by its past

    Hail Zupra :D I dont mind the BMW colaboration at all, this engine is 6cyl art so... Fkin EU, sweet manual 400hp Nissan :<
  6. New Nissan Z Proto looks to the future, inspired by its past

    Not comming here due to emissions.... FUCK U EU :( Looks cool, but Supra still better imo. Great side profile and interior tho.
  7. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z" ;)
  8. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    It seems to sit high above the ground, too high, esp rear....
  9. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    No, it will be like 90% production version already (look GTR Proto 2005). And looking at whats given so far there is not much to water down since the desing is not futuristic or anything anyway, its the oldchsool clean lines. Based on renders I like Supra design 100x more for sure already so...
  10. 2021 Toyota Supra Reviews Compilation

    Imo unacceptable. That should lower the price instantly. Unless its their brand new demo car they plan on keeping for few months for test drives.
  11. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    Y, esp those lines like "car wont disappoint" or "built 100% in Japan". I think it may come down to pricing, look how good Mustangs sells coz it gives a lot of perforamnce for cheap.
  12. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    Hahaha, we on exact opposite spectrum I see, as I dont seek straight line speed :D Every1 got their perspective :D That sounds cool btw ;)
  13. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    The steering feel is the exact reason I didnt even consider original M2 after driving it coz its so fake and unnatural its not even funny, I dont know what car is doing, I can only judge with eyes, 0 response, dead centre. So no, sorry, sports car cant have a bad steering or bad driving...
  14. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    Lets see the weight tho, if it weights 1600+ kg... everything is heavier and heavier these days.... Also I saw complaints about steering feel in Q60 400, its eletrical assissted and not a good one I heared. But I'm definately interested :)
  15. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    Gonna be interesting ;) I wish Mazda came up with RX-9 and Honda with new S2000 (like Type-R engine tunned to ~350hp)....
  16. Second generation Toyota GR86 New GR86 renders by motor1, they took 2much FType inspiration imo. Still, looks quite ok ;)
  17. U.S.-Market Toyota Supra Four-Cylinder Officially Announced

    Thats... quite fast for a 2.0 honestly. Seems 2.0 is quite capable despite having much lower power.
  18. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    I wanna see 3.0 vs 400Z race, like naw :D
  19. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z" 400Z not delayed after all ;)
  20. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z" Suprise ;)