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  1. E85 Tune (522WHP & 630WTQ)

    Yes... you can run pure E85 but not a Max boost on stock turbo, so for now is better a blend for max whp ;)
  2. E85 Tune (522WHP & 630WTQ)

    Just to clarify for some that ask me about the E85... the car have a mix of 93 and E85, it was not pure E85 :)

    know the owner and know the shop very well... congrats to all, another good tune from Jordan
  4. Share your IAT and Ambient Temp. (If you log it)

    yes, same Q for my stand my logs say that with the MST at WOT the IAT drop a little more than with the stock one... didn’t do any logs at idle, honestly is not that important :)
  5. Noise w H&R Springs

    I will verify with a friend of mine that it may need like a rubber spacer between the arrows of the thinner side of the spring
  6. MST Intake wow

    No tune required at the moment, but I believe help the custom tune perse... the piping connect half the way, the pipe that goes in the turbo inlet is the stock one
  7. 2020 Supra SMS / JB4 results

    Saludos hermano, ahora fue que me di cuenta que eres de República Dominicana, soy Boricua y conozco muy bien a Infantes (organizador del Dominican Roll Race) El Supra está buenísimo, felicidades... después por privado me dejas saber lo del Kit de turbina que le instalaste Kike (PR 1/2 Mile)
  8. E85 Tune (522WHP & 630WTQ)

    Hello guys! We put the car on a Dyno Dynamics to make a custom tune with only E85... very happy with the tune of Cary Jordan, I believe is one of the highest WHP with stock Turbo with NO Methanol and NO Nitros :) The conversion from Dyno Dynamics to Dynojet is as follow: 443 x .18 = 522whp...
  9. MST Intake wow

    Yes but I didn’t make a pull with 93oct map... only with E85 and I don’t have a base with E85 with stock intake, next time I went to the dyno I will make a run with 93 oct map :)
  10. Noise w H&R Springs

    Ok Thks
  11. Noise w H&R Springs

    Ok... yours came with anything else beside the springs? In my box only came the 4 springs... just checking if need other part to install them ‍♂️
  12. MST Intake wow

    no prop. :) P.S. I live in US (PR) and order it from there website
  13. MST Intake wow

    Sound clip with the windows up and windows down... the sound when I let the gas pedal off is addicting
  14. MST Intake wow

    yeah but the heat will get in the filter
  15. Noise w H&R Springs