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  1. The A70TTR Dedication Thread!

  2. The A70TTR Dedication Thread!

    Apologies. I actually saw another thread briefly pop up in my emails referencing that I had been missing and that some were worried (I meant to reply and forgot). I have 5 projects currently, and there's simply not enough bandwidth to get even close to catching up. Basically just been really...
  3. The A70TTR Dedication Thread!

    Unfortunately that would likely fall on def ears, but the GR Yaris was developed around the effects of smaller engine and emissions requirements (specifically the racing series that is based on that principle). Toyota will continue to innovate and look at trends in that space to try to appease...
  4. New Toyota GR Yaris : Forged in the heat of World Rally competition

    not one of my projects, and I havent been around the engineers for a few months now so no clue.
  5. The A70TTR Dedication Thread!

    ^ You have to have people that care and care a decent amount in order to push things along, and those people need powerful friends to back them up. What happens when you have few of those or ones with VERY short attention spans? Very little coupled with confusing outcomes; that's all I'll say.
  6. News Update and Discussion on Next-gen A100 Supra

    BMW was multitudes harder to deal with than Subaru. In fact, Subaru was fairly easy in comparison all things considered. But that's not really why things are going in a different direction IMO
  7. The Lexus LC500 & LC500h, Plus LC-F Talk

    It's possible, but it's not just that staff cant work on it properly, it's also the lasting sales impact of the pandemic coupled with what was already a ton of money and a strong public focus on trucks/SUVs. Really this year was just another setback to add to the list. Things aren't looking...
  8. News Update and Discussion on Next-gen A100 Supra

    ^ Generally takes about 5 years, yes. But just because the A90 is set to end production then doesn't mean that whatever replaces it will instantly be available. It could also not happen at all given the current automotive climate, but hopefully that's not the case. What if it was from another...
  9. News Update and Discussion on Next-gen A100 Supra

    Very possible, but I haven't heard anything about it. I've been stuck working from home for a while now, so kind of sucks as far as finding out new details on stuff, especially since right before that I was crazy busy with three simultaneous projects.
  10. News Update and Discussion on Next-gen A100 Supra

    Rumor has it the next RX is hybrid, but that doesn't necessarily mean Mazda is going to be the answer :) Speaking of which, what would everyone here prefer? a V6 or a legacy design like an aluminum block inline 6? Is the latter design more important than the advantages presented by the former...
  11. News Update and Discussion on Next-gen A100 Supra

    everything hybrid by 2025 doesn't necessarily mean there won't be legacy models carrying through like say the Corolla GRMN or GR Yaris; it just means newly developed platforms and models will be designed ground up as hybrid (like the new Sienna) or that there will at minimum be an option for...
  12. News Update and Discussion on Next-gen A100 Supra

    Maybe, but the 2025 statement is/was strictly for Toyota vehicles versus shared projects as I understand it.
  13. News Update and Discussion on Next-gen A100 Supra

    I want to respond to this, but it's too early to scratch more than the surface. I'm actually a little bit concerned by the thread alone lol, but it's still vague enough to be okay for now. More than details, it's about not stepping on toes as everything is about politics. It's also still very...
  14. 2021 Toyota Supra Reviews Compilation

    I loved his 4cyl review haha.
  15. The Lexus LC500 & LC500h, Plus LC-F Talk

    Development on basically everything stopped when Covid-19 hit hard. I've haven't been back to Japan in months (my usual home base) and am only working on stuff I can do remotely. That's the world we live in right now. The car was already delayed several times because of changes made to its...
  16. News Update and Discussion on Next-gen A100 Supra

    No, as the goal is (at minimum) hybrid everything by 2025.
  17. The A70TTR Dedication Thread!

    Hm, very interesting. I am aware of plans with Mazda for a few different items and a few different rumors floating around, but I was not aware/hadn't heard of a new coupe using a Mazda platform. Ill try to dig a bit and see what I get.
  18. The A70TTR Dedication Thread!

    I'm unaware of such a model.
  19. News Update and Discussion on Next-gen A100 Supra

    An excellent platform and still a Marcel even now, but we're past that point. Cutting costs and production time to create someone thing as good or even better chassis wise. Delayed, but advancements don't stop for long.
  20. The A70TTR Dedication Thread!

    Yamaha might as well be a subsidiary of Toyota IMO, but that's a good point haha.