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  1. Radar Dectector

    Escort Redline 360c - The range is fantastic. I appreciate the GPS feature if for only learning/suppressing repeated false alerts. It's stupid expensive though, and there are cheaper options that are probably pretty good. I installed it using a mount from BlendMount with a mirror tap cable for...
  2. A Legend Returns: New Acura Integra Coming for a New Generation

    Super underwhelming. Very bland, cosmetically modified ‘22 Honda Civic. Apparently I had way too much faith in Acura to do a new Integra justice.
  3. Heads Up Display on A91

    Don’t know if you could retrofit one, but I would expect it to cost a pretty penny. Not a lot of functionality offered. It’s nice to have, but I wouldn’t personally bother adding it after the fact. I also wear polarized sunglasses during the day which makes it hard to see.
  4. Who has a ton of interior rattles?

    ‘21 w/8K miles no noises here. Perhaps there’s a batch of cars worse than others. I can’t speak for other owners, but my experience with BMWs are they usually do a good job of eliminating noises during the design phase, and the fit/finish is typically good helping to prevent them. Not sure how...
  5. 2021+ Pops in Exhaust?

    I didn’t say they were louder or different, I meant more frequent.
  6. 2021+ Pops in Exhaust?

    No experience with the ‘20, but pops and bangs definitely there in Sport mode on the ‘21. Even more so if you use BimmerCode to enable Sport Plus mode.
  7. 2021 Oil Consumption data collection

    Sure. I meant 10k was kind of wishful thinking from the perspective of doing anything with the oil, adding or otherwise. When I had my 3 series about 14 years ago I’m pretty sure the interval was the same, but I never once had to add oil. On the concern front, if I had a damn dipstick to look at...
  8. 2021 Oil Consumption data collection

    Hey there. Yep, you're right...since then I've learned more. I know more about airplane engines than I do car engines. LOL. When I went in for my recall I got another service advisor who was a bit more helpful and quizzed the tech. They believe it (between min and max) actually represents a...
  9. Stock rear tire life expectancy?

    I'm just surprised, and wondering if I need to keep a much closer look at wear on these things or something. As an aside, since I do daily drive the car year-round here in Texas, I've had my eye on the 4S's for when I need to replace the factory tires. It's good to hear feedback from someone who...
  10. Stock rear tire life expectancy?

    Holy guys must be doing a ton of burnouts or something. These things are supposed to last into the 20,000 to 35,000 mile range.
  11. Colts noctural black build

    😂 Been too afraid to take my GSD in the Supra. I’d be cleaning dog hair out of that thing forever.
  12. opinion: B48 vs B58 vs X ?

    Why do you need a 3.0 for those mods? Most of those kinds of mods should work fine with the 2.0. I was thinking you were talking about engine mods. And as far as the engine goes, don’t piggyback devices like JB4 work with the B48 too? Depending on when you got your 2.0, trading it in for a 3.0...
  13. opinion: B48 vs B58 vs X ?

    I don’t mod cars, so I plan to just enjoy the car as it is. It gets driven daily as my main form of transport (year-round here in TX), and I have zero belief that these cars will become a collectible. If the B48 version is plenty for you, then my advice is to ignore what the B58 folk are doing...
  14. Wireless charging pad affecting phone battery life?

    I find it gets much hotter on the pad in the car than on a charging cradle at home. Plus my phone doesn’t fly out of the holder in the car like some other folk have complained about, but that may be due to the size of the phone since I could see smaller/lighter ones shifting around in there...
  15. Wireless charging pad affecting phone battery life?

    As I understand it the charging pad in our cars is a QI certified model, and shouldn't by itself reduce battery capacity of the phones it charges, but heat does kill the batteries and I'm frequently encountering situations where my iPhone 12 Pro Max overheats when using it with Wireless Carplay...
  16. Toyota Supra Connect issues

    I followed the instructions on reconnecting the app, and it did connect. As soon as I enable CarPlay it stops cold. Oh well, the app was straight garbage anyway. Very poorly done.
  17. Carbon Fiber Hood Vents / Covers

    I’d love to see what you come up with.
  18. Rennline license Plate holder

    I have the Perrin kit. It doesn’t stick out from the body very far at all. Any closer I’d be concerned about access to clean without removing it.
  19. Carbon Fiber Hood Vents / Covers

    I agree with you there. I cringe when I see people simply popping these panels out and putting in open “vents”…aren’t they just going to help rainwater find new places to sit and cause corrosion? Sure, the idea of leaving tasteful locations for future modifications for a race car is great, but...
  20. New to Supra

    It isn’t as brittle as you think. The BMW Frozen paints are pretty forgiving, unlike regular matte paints. It’s when you have to fix something that you’ll have a bad time, since you can’t just touch it up or buff it out. Plus washing it is different…not difficult, just different. Putting on PPF...