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  1. Any 2.0 Owners do the NASA Track Day?

    I used my 2.0 at Circuit of the America's this year. I had no issues the whole entire day and I would say the straights is the only areas the 3.0's walked from me. But I was also in a beginner class that had never had a track day before. We were in a 4 pack of cars. 3 of them 3.0's including...
  2. SVRA / Cars & Caffeine at COTA?

    Thanks for the heads up. We've always wanted to go do down for these days. Never really worked out. It may this year. I love the idea of older interesting stuff racing.
  3. SVRA / Cars & Caffeine at COTA?

    Debating it, I would be coming from DFW.
  4. July 24-25 CotA Track Day. Who's going? For those interested. the link above is from the photographer from the event. For those interested it was an awesome time. I highly recommend having the wind buffeters on your car before you go as you have to...
  5. Seat base tilt

    I believe it should be one of the front levers. One of the front ones change distance (front to back) and the other lever changes the angle of the seat. It feels like the front of the seat it self moves up and down
  6. July 24-25 CotA Track Day. Who's going?

    I plan to be there Sunday. I looked into insurance. But I just plan to take it "easy" and enjoy the experience
  7. Rear mat question.

    I finally had a conversation with someone from the Gulf States Toyota Group. The rear cargo mat put in by them and sold as an accessory with the car appears to be a basic no embroidery cargo mat that gulf states tacks on. Disappointing and a little embarrassing for Toyota.
  8. Rear mat question.

    It is a 2.0
  9. Rear mat question.

    I've reached out to the dealer this morning. I'll reply back when I get confirmation
  10. Rear mat question.

    I just picked up my Supra and have a question about the trunk mat. On the invoice on the car it shows a $90 cargo mat as a distributor installed option. Is this the "Supra" stitched mat? I looked and there is a basic mat in there now with a part code on it "00012S209601". Any help would be...